Home, sweet home.

The Washington Estate (colloquially known as The Lodge) is a large chalet-styled mansion built on Blackwood Mountain. The mansion serves as the primary location in which most of the events in Until Dawn take place.


The Washington Estate was built in the late 1990s by movie mogul Bob Washington, to serve as a vacation home for his family. The home itself, while having a log cabin/chalet exterior, is state of the art with a contemporary interior outfitted with multiple fireplaces and modern fixtures.

Events of Until Dawn


The mansion first appears during the prologue in which the prank occurs. After the disappearance of Hannah and Beth, the property became a crime scene and a thorough police investigation was conducted around and in the mansion. At an unknown time the investigation ceased and the unsolved case was left open. 

Sometime after, Josh returned to the property to begin outfitting it with contraptions to aid him in his revenge prank against his friends. A year later, when everyone returns to the lodge, the front door is frozen shut, forcing Chris to break in via a rear window and melt the ice in the locks. After the group part ways, Josh carries out his revenge prank. Once the presence of the Wendigos became known, the mansion served as a temporary safe haven for the survivors. Eventually the mansion was breached by the Wendigos and the lodge was destroyed in an explosion in order to kill the Wendigos inside. The lodge was last seen engulfed in flames as rescue workers arrived to the scene at dawn.

The Mansion

1st Floor

The 1st floor consists of a sitting area and many hallways leading to various rooms.


Ashley facing the door to the guest room, the hallway leading to the main hallway on her left, and the cinema room behind her.

The first floor is accessed via the main staircase taken from the second floor into a sitting area.

To the left of this sitting area is a door to a wide hallway with:

  • A door on the left leading to an unknown area.
  • A door at the end of the hallway to the right leading to more guest rooms and bathrooms, used by Sam in Chapter 5 during the chase.
  • A door at the end of the hallway to the left providing access to the basement.

Sam in the hallway past the guest room heading to the basement.

Cinema Room

Straight ahead of the sitting area is the family cinema. In this tiered room one can find theatrical posters of all of Bob Washington's award winning movies. The screen takes up a majority of the wall with multiple lounge recliners on the the first and second tier.

To the left of the cinema room is a hallway in which a person can turn left to a hallway leading to the main hallway, or straight ahead to a door leading to the guest room.

Guest Room

The guest room consists of two entrances across each other, with a bed in the center of the room, where Emily and Jessica hide under during the Prologue. The guest room also has a cupboard which Matt hides in the Prologue, and a partition where Ashley hides behind on the same occasion.

A year later, Sam encounters the guest room while running away from the Psycho, where she is given the choice to Jump over the bed or Hide under the bed, the latter increasing the risk of her being caught. She is the only person to have used both doors of the guest room to enter and exit.

On the other side of the guest room is another hallway with more guest rooms and bathrooms that eventually leads to the main hallway with a door providing access to the basement right across.

2nd Floor

The second floor is the main floor of the mansion.


This floor is accessed from: 

  • The main front Great Room doors which are never used.
  • The rear doors used in the Prologue, Chris in Chapter 8, and Sam in Chapter 10.
  • The foyer door which is used in Chapter 2 by all protagonists when entering the lodge.
  • A side door which Chris uses in Chapter 4 and Chapter 8.
  • A side door near a veranda used by Mike and Jess in Chapter 2.
    • ​The veranda may connect both those doors in an octagon shape; Chris on one side and Mike and Jess on the other.
  • The first and third floors via stairs.

Great Room

This floor features a Great Room containing a large fireplace, chandelier, formal furniture and a large wall mounted flat screen television above it as well as a staircase leading to the first and third floors. This room which serves as the heart of the house is adjacent to the foyer. To the front of this room is a sitting area and a formal dining room in the room next to it.



Josh passed out in the kitchen.

The great room is connected via two large doors that leads to a chef's kitchen with a smaller living room located behind a fireplace. Past this room is a hallway connecting to a door to an unknown room, and an exit.

To the right of the Great Room is the foyer which has two perpendicular doors leading to two small hallways adjacent to each other:

Storage Room

  • One "inner", longer hallway leading to a large storage room containing items intended to be used during certain activities. The Family Portrait is found in this hallway.

The Library

  • The other "outer", shorter hallway leading to the middle of three library and office rooms. The room across the middle room has a staircase leading to the upper story of the library where the seance occurs. The room adjacent to the hallway has the secret room explored in Chapter 3. The Native American Letter is found in this hallway in a space near the door to the foyer.

Behind the Great Room are the stairs leading to the third floor, then stairs leading to the first floor, then another sitting area.

3rd Floor

Until Dawn™ 20150903233150

Sam on the third floor overlooking the Great Room.

The 3rd floor is the upper floor of the mansion. 

It is accessed by the main staircase and features a loft area overlooking the great room. There are two doors on either side of the floor that can be accessed into the upstairs bedrooms, although one is only able to be explored in the game.

Inside the door is a small hallway with a clock, before a loft area which overlooks the kitchen, as well as two doors leading to Hannah's Bedroom and the bathroom.

Hannah's Bedroom

Sam can only explore Hannah's Bedroom in Chapter 2, where she can find clues such as a Tattoo Card on a desk, a Compatibility Test inside a walk-in robe, and a Postcard on Hannah's bedside table. She can also open a music box given by Josh to Hannah.

Until dawn PSX 2.0

The Psycho watching Sam bathe in the bathroom.


The bathroom consists of a large bathtub which Sam bathes in for two hours. The Psycho briefly enters the bathroom to take Sam's clothes and lures Sam out of the room. The bathroom also has a camera in which the Psycho watches from in his workshop.


The basement is accessed via using a door from the first floor. The basement contains the mansion's water heater and power units. Old items and furniture can be found in here such as the dollhouse. There is also a wine cellar with a handle-less door leading to the laundry room. Inside the laundry room is a door leading to the old hotel.


  • The house cannot be fully explored by the player.
  • By looking at the exterior windows, the mansion appears to have all of its interior lights on. However, the lights aren't on when inside the house.
  • The mansion was constructed and designed out of nearby timber harvested from trees, and stone cut from rocks on the mountain.
  • Interesting to note, the mansion contains secret passageways.
  • The movie posters in the cinema room all resemble real movies, connected to director Larry Fessenden, who played the role of The Stranger in-game.
  • According to Josh, the mansion has a large yard big enough to play baseball in.
  • Emily, Josh, Mike and Jessica are the only protagonists who cannot be controlled inside the estate.
    • Matt is the only protagonist who can be controlled inside the estate only using dialogue options.



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