This cabin is the coziest, most romantic love den, you will ever lay your eyes upon.

The Washington Cabin, referred to as The Guest Cabin or simply The Cabin, is a cabin part of the Washingtons’ ownership, much like the Washington Estate itself. When the Washington Lodge was built in the late 1990’s, it is presumed that the cabin was also built along with it.


The cabin serves as a guest residence and is often used as a ‘lovemaking chalet’, seeing as it is privately constructed a far distance from the estate requiring a lengthy walk, and Josh sends Mike and Jessica to the cabin for some ‘’alone time’’.


The cabin is a wooden medium-sized chalet with a small bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and a living room with a fireplace, and a sofa.

Events of Until Dawn

After Jessica gets into an argument with Emily, or Matt attacks Mike over Emily, Mike is asked to leave the lodge by Josh, in order for both parties to calm down. He suggests for them to check out the guest cabin as he hands the couple their needed keys. After a long walk filled with multiple obstacles, the two later make it to the cabin after escaping from an unknown pursuer .

Beginning to calm down, Jessica insists Mike make a fire and lighten up the place. Depending on how much he impressed Jessica along the way, she will be an immediate pushover, not hesitating to have sex, or will try to find multiple ways around the thought of them having sex. Mike may find a Native American Book, a Tennis Photo, and a Kama Sutra Book.

If Jessica had not been impressed by Mike, she will tell him she had a false image of him, to which he will either reassure her or unsuccessfully try to seduce her. Jessica asks for him to close the shutters and may explain her insecurities to him and may ask for Mike to find a blanket if he was dismissive about it.

After the two get ready to have intercourse, a phone is slammed through the window by Hannah, to which Jessica will think it’s a prank pulled by her friends. Angrily storming outside to yell at her "friends", she will later be grabbed by Hannah through the front door window and Mike leaves the cabin, grabbing the gun on the cabin’s wall while chasing after her.


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