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The Science of Fear is the third video that is included in the Bonus Content of Until Dawn. It shows a social experiment and explains how a game can be truly successful.



The Science of Fear shows an experiment made by Tom Heaton (Design Director). It is about performing experiments to other people to make sure that the jumpscares, creepiness, readiness, and more of the details of the game are affecting the player. 

Before they play the game, the staff turned off the lights in the room, make them play on their own, alone, and he puts a bracelet onto them that shows in the measure of the player's emotional response, like shock while their playing the game. It is said to be a bio metric testing. It is also called the "galvanic response sensor". It makes contact with the user's skin, and measures the electrical conductivity across their skin, like an old fashioned lie detector. It picks up tiny changes, if the player is feeling anxious, or scared, and shows through the monitor the gathered data.

After the experiment, they will interview the people who were experimented, about their thoughts about the game, and its scares.


Until Dawn™ -The Science of Fear- Bonus Content04:56

Until Dawn™ -The Science of Fear- Bonus Content

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