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This is the transcribed copy from the Sixth Therapy Session at the end of Chapter 5. This was taken directly from the chapter/episode.

Sixth Therapy Session

Dr. Hill's office has now been refurbished with crimson curtains by the window, the removal of the chains and rotting wood, and a comfortable chair is seen next to the window. Hill is seen standing by the window, but does not face the player.

(If Sam was not caught by The Psycho:)

Dr. Hill: Well, that certainly didn't go according to plan, now did it?! Such careful, brilliant plotting... and yet in a crucial moment you are foiled by your own inadequacies. I told you everything you do has consequences! Do you think this "mistake" won't have repercussions? What you do....what you say... causes things to change!

(If Sam was caught by The Psycho:)

Dr. Hill- Well that was exciting, wasn't it? Well done! Your game seems to be going very well.

Dr. Hill opens and glances at a folder, containing the image of the cottage and scarecrow seen in the first therapy session.

Dr. Hill: Yes, all the good work we did exploring the source of your fear. And you've just gone and used it for ill. Your overwhelming fear of things that are dead/of the dark/of isolation/of failure. You have turned it against these people whom you so desperately want to torment. Has it been worth it?!

Dr. Hill pulls out the image of the cottage from his folder, and raises it to his face, the seat the player sits in is empty...

Dr. Hill lowers the photo, and the Psycho is seen standing right in front of him.


  • This session reveals that the patient in the previous "therapy sessions" has always been the Psycho.

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