The Shovel is a weapon that can be utilized in Until Dawn. It is one of the two options Sam can pick up, the other being the pipe, when she's searching for Mike. It can also be used by Jessica against Matt if they both survive.


Chapter 9

After climbing up the rock wall, Sam obtains the shovel by dropping down on the left instead of climbing up the stairs, where the pipe can be found. Sam uses the shovel for opening the metal door to search for Mike. She can use the shovel to kill the burning Wendigo or to knock a Wendigo back. Mike shoots the Wendigo instead if she fails to do so.

Chapter 10


If both Matt and Jess survived, Matt drops down and lights a lantern with the lighter. After doing so, the player will see Jess about to hit Matt with a shovel. The blade of the shovel will break upon impact with Matt. By attempting to attack Matt with the shovel, it is implied that she may have thought Matt is another horrific monster/creature around the mines.

Weapons and Items


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