The Shed is a location situated on Blackwood Mountain, visited by Josh, Ashley, Chris, Mike and The Stranger, during the events of Until Dawn.


The shed is a large wooden structure contained with cages and The Psycho's equipment, owned by the Washington family, and is isolated from the Washington Lodge.

It requires a short walk from the lodge and the shed, and can be accessed via two paths; one from the rear doors of the lodge and one from one of the lodge's side doors.


Chapter 4

Chris walks to the shed in an attempt to find Ashley, who had been abducted by the Psycho along with Josh. Chris then finds the pair tied up on a wall in an adjacent room of the shed he cannot enter, and a circular saw on a track forking to the pair.

The Psycho tells Chris to choose who to save using the lever in front of him. Regardless of his choices, the saw always goes to Josh, and then slices his body in half, presumably killing him.

Chris is granted access to the room and helps Ashley down, crying over Josh's "death". Emily and Matt spot Chris and Ashley exiting the shed, as they explain what happened, and what they should do.

Chapter 7

Chris and Mike, the latter armed with a pistol respectively, forcefully lead Josh to the shed to restrain him from torturing the group and as punishment for doing so. While they are tying Josh up to a pole inside the shed, Josh antagonizes them. Chris may choose to hit Josh in the head with a wood board, or disarm Mike from shooting Josh with the pistol. Chris eventually leaves to go back to the lodge while Mike stays with Josh for the rest of the night.

Chapter 8

Mike and Josh wait in the shed when they hear Emily's scream, prompting Mike to run back to the lodge.

Chris and the Stranger walk back to the shed to retrieve Josh, but find him missing. The stool he sat on is broken. Unsuccessful, Chris and the Stranger walk back to the lodge but encounter a Wendigo outside the shed. The Stranger is swiftly decapitated by the Wendigo, and Chris could be as well if he does not shoot the Wendigo or the Stranger's flamethrower tank outside the shed. If Chris survives, he sprints back to the lodge.

Chapter 10

The shed is seen briefly as Sam walks past the shed as she makes her way back to the lodge from the mines.


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