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This is the transcribed copy from the Seventh Therapy Session at the end of Chapter 6. This was directly taken from the chapter/episode.

Seventh Therapy Session

The office has now somewhat reverted to it's menacing state from earlier sessions, and has the windows boarded again, ripped curtains hanging from both sides, and the removal of the luxury chair. However, the chains and the mannequin are not included in the room. The room now has a set of monitors where Dr. Hill is able to watch the group of lodge survivors, Chris and Ashley are seen tied to wooden chairs.

Dr. Hill: You have gone too far now.

Dr. Hill is seen pacing around the office, the Psycho is seen standing in attention.

Dr. Hill: Don't you see?! Huh?! Don't you see that this... torture porn has gone too far?!

The Psycho places his hand on his right shoulder.

Dr. Hill: Now what gives you the right to play God, in these people's lives?! What makes you so special then?! Huh?!

Dr. Hill turns away from the Psycho to face the various monitors of the survivors, he takes a few steps toward it. He stands in front of the monitors and turns to the Psycho.

Dr. Hill: You're sick! You're a sick fuck!

He quickly turns back to the monitors, and then back at the Psycho.

Dr. Hill: Now what the hell have you done to them?! Huh?! What the hell have you done to them, you psychopath?!

The camera gives us a close up of the Psycho's mask.

Dr. Hill: Psychopath!

Camera fades to black.


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