The Revolver is a weapon in Until Dawn, found by Mike in the chapel and can be briefly used by Chris.


The revolver is a weapon that is found by Mike in Chapter 5 in the Sanatorium chapel, while looking for The Stranger. He uses the revolver to shoot locks off in the Sanatorium.

The revolver appears again in Chapter 8, when The Stranger arrives at the lodge to inform the group about the Wendigo. Thinking the visitor might be a threat, Mike uses the revolver to point at the door while Chris opens the door. If Mike and Chris' relationship is high enough, Chris may be able to use the revolver if he chooses to demand for it.

The revolver may appear and be used again in the Psycho's workshop in the old hotel. Mike keeps the revolver up until, if Emily was bitten, he either fatally shoots, or attempts to shoot Emily. He leaves the revolver on a desk before he leaves for the Sanatorium.

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