The Ouija Board, also known as the Spirit Board, is an object in Until Dawn. It made its debut in Chapter 3 and was mentioned in Chapter 2.


Chapter 2

Josh tells Ashley and Chris to go find the board so they could mess around with it as Josh and Sam go into the basement.

The board appears briefly inside its box as Chris pulls it out of the robes he had borrowed to scare Sam and Josh.

Chapter 3

Ashley, Josh, and Chris settle down in the lodge's upper library to fool around with the board. To their amazement, the pointer starts moving around and will tell the trio that the speaker is, depending on the player's choice, is either Hannah or Beth.

After the pointer spells out "library", the pointer flies off the table and drops to the ground. Josh then leaves angrily, thinking it was a prank pulled by Chris and Ashley. Afterwards, Chris and Ashley abandon the spirit board and go down to the library to search for what the spirit board told them to find.

Chris mentions the board after he finds a picture of the twins and a threatening letter when he talks to Ashley after he discovers the hidden passage.


  • Josh controlled the pointer as part of his prank.
  • According to Josh in Chapter 2, he used to play with the spirit board with Hannah and Beth.
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