Huh. Intrigue on Blackwood Mountain...
— Mike

The Old Newspaper is the eighth clue in the 1952 Clueline. It can be found by Mike in the Sanatorium, in Chapter 5 of Until Dawn.


An old newspaper. It covers a controversial story on a reporter being banned from the Sanatorium.


9th January, 1952

BLACKWOOD PINES, AB - A reporter from Alberta Bugle was assaulted and hospitalized yesterday by security personnel at the Blackwood Sanatorium. Chuck Bernstein, a senior news reporter, was seeking an interview with the miners dramatically rescued on Tuesday. The men had been trapped underground for over three weeks after a structural collapse at the North West Mine in December and are now being treated at Blackwood Sanatorium for malnutrition and trauma.

Jefferson Bragg, sole proprietor of both the North West Mining Company and the Blackwood Sanatorium, told the Bugle yesterday that the incident was "unfortunate." And that "a full internal enquiry had been launched." He also claimed that Bernstein had been "trespassing on Sanatorium grounds without permission."

It is believed that the assault arose from an argument about Bernstein's camera which was confiscated immediately prior to the attack.


After leaving the admin area, walk to the right instead rather than turning left to the hallway leading to the stairs. After the camera changes perspective, there will be an open doorway to the left. The clue is on the office desk inside.


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