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This is the transcribed copy from the Ninth Therapy Session in the beginning of Chapter 10. This was directly taken from the chapter/episode.

Ninth Therapy Session

The final session does not take place in Dr. Hill's office, however, his desk is still present. This session takes place in the mines that Josh is currently trapped in. Dr. Hill stands up from his desk, and walks over to a trembling Josh who is clutching his head. Hill rubs his hands together and crouches before speaking to Josh.

Dr. Hill: I wonder how much these "sessions" are of any help to you now. You just won't listen to me and things seem pretty... fucked up.

Dr. Hill stands up, and turns his back to Josh.

Dr. Hill: So - I'm going to leave you now, Josh. It's time, you learned, there is more to be afraid of, than can be dreamt up by the unhinged imagination of a self-indulgent, spoiled little brat!

Dr. Hill turns back to Josh.

Dr. Hill: You had so many people who cared about you... who were willing to help! But at every turn you chose to push them away... And now, you're all alone.

Josh whimpers softly and continues to breathe heavily... Dr. Hill begins to walk away from Josh...

Dr. Hill: Though by the sounds of things, you won't be alone for long. No, you won't be alone for long. Deep breaths, Josh. Deep breaths...

Dr. Hill walks away, and leaves Josh by himself...

(End of final session.)

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