— Emily

The Miner's Family Photo is the sixteenth clue in the 1952 Clueline. It can be found by Emily in the mine, in Chapter 7 of Until Dawn.


The clue shows a vintage picture of a standard family. The man posing with his wife and daughter is one of the former miners, Billy Bates, who came to mine the mountain in 1951.


(On reverse side)

Dearest Billy,

Hurry home safely.

From your loving wife and daughter,

Agnes and Louise



After Emily turns on her phone's flashlight and walks down the tunnel, she will enter a large cave. Before climbing up the wall, go right and you will enter a small cavern. Open the box on the rock and pick up the picture inside. Turn it around to get this clue.


  • The photo will only count as a clue when turned around.
  • It becomes clear that Bates brought his personal belongings with him down the mine, as evidenced by this photo and the Romantic Postcard.

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