The Medical Notes are the fifth clue in the 1952 Clueline. They can be found by Mike in the Sanatorium, in Chapter 5 of Until Dawn.


The medical report of the twelve miners that were recovered from the collapse and their health status.




MEDICAL REPORT: Report follows re: the initial state of the twelve miners after the collapse of the mine, and subsequent rescue, at Blackwood Pines.

ADMITTANCE: On receipt of the twelve patients at the Sanatorium's medical facility, we had fully expected to find emaciated shells of men, starved and confused. Thankfully, the miners appear cogent and relatively healthy, attributed to their apparent discovery of emergency food supplies in the mine. Inhibited respiratory function was detected in a few of the older men, as predicted, as well as symptoms of pneumonia.

Psychologically, after being trapped for 23 days, the shock of reintegration has been difficult for some of the group. Though their outward health is better than expected, they do seem affected by their time in the mine.

TREATMENT: Due to the delicate nature of some of the patients, we have closed off the A Wing of the Sanatorium. Psychological evaluation will take place as soon as possible. The men with respiratory problems have undergone a bronchoscopy, and are prescribed a course of streptomycin. The others are simply kept under strict, 24-hour observation.

Dr. Nicholas Henry Fowlis Bowen.

(On reverse side)

One of those guys actually tried to bite me! I'm going to report it to Dr. Bowen!


When exiting the admin area, move towards the stairs. There's an open office to the right just before the stairwell you can explore. The note is on the cabinet.


  • The report mentions 12 miners, but there were 30 clocking-in cards retrieved from the mine. It is indicated something happened to the other 18 miners.
    • According to other clues, these miners died and were cannibalized in the mine.

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