The Machete is a handheld weapon that appears in Until Dawn. It is found, and secondly used by Mike while journeying around the Sanatorium, and was first used by The Stranger, as seen in the Prologue and in other chapters where he stalks the protagonists throughout the game.

The machete is included in the Butterfly Effect At What Price.


Mike finds the machete stabbed in a table in the Sanatorium in Chapter 5. If he interacts with a moving arm, his fingers will get caught in a bear trap, where then, Mike can use the machete to either cut off his fingers or open the bear trap. The latter will render it unusable. 

  • If Sam was caught by The Psycho, and the machete is intact, Mike will use it to cut away the ropes tied around Sam's hands and Sam will do the same to the ropes around her legs in Chapter 7.

If intact, he uses the machete once again in the Sanatorium in Chapter 9 to smack a Wendigo.

  • If Mike fails to catch the bottle as it rolls off the desk or fails to kick the explosive barrel, he can also use the machete to defend himself and stab the Wendigo.
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