The Lighter is a weapon that appears in Until Dawn. It can be found and used by Mike in Chapter 4Chapter 7, and Chapter 10, Chris in Chapter 2 and if alive, by Matt or Jessica in Chapter 10.



Mike grabs a lighter from the guest cabin in Chapter 3, which he will later use to burn Sam's ropes if she had been captured by The Psycho in Chapter 7, but only if he does not have a usable machete anymore. He may use it during the final showdown if he is struck by the Wendigo (Hannah), and Sam was unable to flip the light switch due to her death by impalement in the stomach. This will cause the explosion in the lodge.


Chris was given a lighter by Josh in order to find the spray can of deodorant, and to use it with, to unfreeze the lock. Josh explains that combining the fire and the deodorant will make a 'flamethrower.' He uses this to navigate around the lodge.


If he survives up to Chapter 10, Matt will pick up the lighter at a table in the mines and use it to light the lantern nearby. He'll then put the lighter back on the table.


If Jessica survives up to Chapter 10, while Matt does not, Jessica will be the one to pick up the lighter at a table in the mines and use it to light the lantern nearby. She'll then put the lighter back where she found it. 

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