The Lantern is a light source that appears in Until Dawn. It is used by Mike while exploring the Sanatorium. A second or a third lantern may be used by Matt and/or Jess while they wander around the mines.


Chapter 4

After climbing up the mine wall, and possibly catching up to The Stranger, Mike ends up near a lantern (depending on whether Mike caught up to the Stranger or not, he will end up near a different lantern). He uses his lighter to light up the lantern and proceeds to the Sanatorium.


Mike with the lantern, on the mountain.

Chapter 5

Mike explores the Sanatorium with the lantern until he reaches a set of barrels and a locked gate. He uses his revolver to shoot off the lock, not realizing that the sparks caused the barrels to light up. He finally notices it and tries to run away. This is the last time he's seen with the lantern.

Chapter 10

If Matt survived until Chapter 10, he will jump down from a ledge to a table. There will be a lighter and a lantern. He

Jess with the lantern, in the mines.

will light it up, and proceed to escape the mines.
Screenshot 1

Matt with the lantern, in the mines.

If Jess survived until Chapter 10, while Matt didn't, she will walk up to a table. There will also be a lighter and a lantern. She will light it up, and proceed to escape the mines.

Weapons and Items


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