Jesus, Jess.. what the hell happened to you?

Jessica and Matt is a friendship in Until Dawn.


Matt and Jessica have a determinant mutual friendship with one another. They can start off rocky as Matt's new girlfriend, Emily, has an obvious conflict with Jessica regarding Mike leaving Emily for her.

However, Matt and Jessica seem to be very good friends, as his base relationship with Jessica is one of two highest relationship he has - even equaling his relationship with Emily.

During Jessica's possible quarrel with Emily, Matt can either side with her or Emily. However, Jessica will still be disrespectful to Matt regardless of choice. Although, if both of them survive until Chapter 10, they will be relieved to see each other alive.

Until Dawn


Although there is no direct interaction with each other, Matt partakes in Jessica's prank on Hannah.

Chapter 2

If Matt ends up quarreling with Mike, this scene will not happen and Jessica's relationship with Matt will stay with the same status.

Although if he doesn't see Emily and Mike hug, or dismisses it, Jessica's quarrel with Emily will happen. The fight starts with Emily complaining about Jessica's sexual tension with Mike. Jessica then says to stay out of her business but ends up continuing fighting with her.

Matt then tries to either Provoke or Defuse the situation. Regardless, Jessica will always act disrespectful towards Matt, but their relationship will only worsen if Matt provokes her. If Matt chooses to defuse, their relationship will increase. Jessica and Mike will then be sent out to the cabin, while Matt and Emily look for Emily's bag, separating them from the remainder of the game until Chapter 10.

Chapter 10

If they both manage to stay alive until the final chapter, they will reunite in the mines. If they both did not survive until this chapter, then this segment wouldn't happen. If one of them only survived, then they will travel alone.

The segment opens with Matt jumping down a ledge and grabbing a lantern, he hears a faint breath, and will see Jessica with a shovel, trying to hit him. Regardless if you manage to fail or succeed to hit the QTE, Matt will not die. If Jessica was able to hit him, though, Jessica will show concern over him and also ask about his well-being. They will have a little conversation, and seeing as Jessica isn't in good condition, Matt will be keen to make sure she gets out of the mines alive.

Whilst traversing down the mines together, Matt and/or Jessica can find an elevator cave-in. If Jessica died and Matt is still alive, he will wonder who/what caused the cave-in. If both of them are alive, Jessica will explain to him that she caused the cave-in. Matt can also explain to her how he ended up down in the mines.

If Matt chose the option to run ahead or was unable to choose when the choice presented in the first time of choosing, Matt will show grief and shock over Jessica's unfortunate demise. However, Matt can abandon Jessica and run to the exit by himself, leading to her gruesome death. 


  • They both can have determinant playable segments in Chapter 10.
  • They both appear in 6 chapters, if they survive the whole ordeal.


  • "Stay out of it, you dumb oaf!" - Jessica smacks down Matt, Chapter 2.
  • "Hey, you're making everyone uncomfortable, Jess." - Matt siding with Emily during their cat fight.
  • "Jess, I need to tell you something, and I don't want to freak you out, but there's... there's some kind of thing on the mountain. It's not human... it's like a monster." - Matt telling Jess about the Wendigos, Chapter 10.
  • "There's something been going on tonight. There's someone really fucking with us up here." - Matt informing Jessica about The Psycho.
  • "It came after me! It fucking pulled me down here into this fucking nightmare!" - Jessica to Matt.


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