On the 27th of October 2015, Supermassive Games announced Until Dawn would have special hidden content - later announced to be a Halloween Hunt for the Halloween festive, which started on October 28.


It's later been revealed Supermassive Games hid 11 pumpkins in Until Dawn for players to find over the Halloween weekend.

The pumpkins disappeared after Halloween, suggesting players only had until Saturday night to track them all down.

An in-game message, meanwhile, asked players to tweet their best pumpkin screenshot using the hashtag #UntilDawnPumpkin on Halloween.


The 11 pumpkins had been hidden throughout each of the games 10 Chapters and the Prologue.

Chapter Character Location
Prologue Beth As the player got control of Beth in the woods looking for Hannah, the pumpkin was hidden on a rock ledge.
1 Matt The pumpkin was hidden on the right of the bridge, before Matt and Emily cross it and encounter Mike.
2 Chris The pumpkin was hidden on the other side of the large shelf Chris was standing at, after climbing down into the storage room.
3 Mike The pumpkin could be found below/south of the tree with a heart carved into it, just after Jessica scared Mike.
4 Mike As the player regained control of Mike as he frantically pursues Jess, the pumpkin was hidden on the left side, standing on a pipe.
5 Mike If the player went back up the stairs in the Sanatorium, where you'd find the machete, the pumpkin was hidden on a beam above Mike in the first room.
6 Ashley This pumpkin could be found in the projector room by Ashley, on one of the far away shelves.
7 Emily Emily embarks on a wooden walkway in the mine, where she will be pulling a lever to activate the electricity. The player here could slightly walk back towards the cave opening, passing a beam. Up in the crook of this beam, there was a pumpkin.
8 Emily If Emily hid from The Stranger, the player could find the pumpkin on a barrel to the right of some mine carts.
9 Ashley / Chris When investigating the voice of Jessica in the mine, Ashley and/or Chris could find the pumpkin to the left of the trapdoor.
10 Sam The last pumpkin could be found against a hill in front of Sam, after she waddled through a small lake on her way back to the lodge.
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