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From Stage to Screen (Part 1 and 2) are the sixth and seventh feature segments part of Until Dawn’s Bonus Content. The segments show Behind The Scenes footage of the making of character modeling and motion capture, and how it can be used and put into the game.

Preview (Part 1)

Will Byles, Executive Creative Director of Until Dawn can be heard narrating the process of creating believable facial performances in-game. The examination of the actor’s range of emotional expressions is the first part of this process, which can partly be accomplished by capturing separate versions of the actor’s same head. Here, every tiny nuance gets digitized and merged, creating a model that can recreate the facial movements of its actor. Afterwards, the actor’s performances themselves can be captured by marker points and a helmet cam, where it records the movements of the dots and audio at the same time. The cast only captured facial animations, where they had to use their imagination for the scenes they were creating.

Preview (Part 2)

As the voice and motion capturing actors only provide facial animations, the body animations and stunts have to be done and recorded seperately by different actors and systems. With the body capture, reflective bead suits and an infrared camera matrix system are used. These performances cover everything from character locomotion and stunt work. Combining all elements (including the facial movements recording) creates a big editing and logistical task, as they have to be combined in these multi-edits. Props have to be used in the set, because the infrared cameras have to be able to notice the reflective beads on the actor.


Until Dawn Bonus Content- From Stage To Screen ( Part 1 & 2 )03:46

Until Dawn Bonus Content- From Stage To Screen ( Part 1 & 2 )

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