The Flashlight is a light source that appears in Until Dawn. It is used by Josh, while turning on the boiler. By Sam, while also turning on the boiler, and during Chapters 9 and 10 (headband flashlight). By Mike, while travelling to the cabin. By Emily, while travelling to the fire tower, and on the tower itself. And by Ashley and Chris, while searching for Sam, and while travelling to the Sanatorium.


Chapter 2

When Mike and Jess are sent out of the lodge, Mike uses a flashlight while heading to the cabin. While Jess falls down a small cliff at the entrance of the mines, Mike may choose to toss down the flashlight for Jess to use so she can see what is down where she is. Mike soon acquires the flashlight.

While Ashley and Chris are sent to look for the spirit board, Josh and Sam head down to the basement to turn on the boiler, Josh grabbing a flashlight from a drawer on the first floor as they go. While they turn on the boiler, Josh hands the flashlight to Sam for her to shine on Josh, so he can see what he is doing. Sam uses the flashlight until the pair leave the basement with Chris. Going back up to the main floor, Josh stores the flashlight in upside-down position on the table with the drawer on the first floor.

Chapter 3

Mike continues to use the flashlight while travelling towards the cabin with Jess. He momentarily sets the flashlight down before tending to the injured deer, but picks it up before the chase to the cabin. Mike also uses the flashlight in the cabin, until Jess is pulled out the window.

Chapter 4

After Chris was knocked out by The Psycho, he wakes up with a lit flashlight in front of him. He uses the flashlight until he reaches the shed, where he finds Josh and Ashley in a saw trap.

Chapter 5

Emily finds a flashlight at the cable car station, after pulling down the ladder. She uses the flashlight while travelling to the fire tower, but the pair is cornered on the clifftop by elk.

Chapter 6


Sam with her headband flashlight.

Surviving the deer encounter, Emily, with or without Matt, continues to use the flashlight heading to the fire tower, while also on the fire tower. She loses the flashlight when the fire tower collapses.

Ashley and Chris use a flashlight each while searching for Sam in the lodge and in the Old Hotel. The pair lose their flashlights when they are knocked out by the Psycho.

Chapter 9

Mike briefly grabs a flashlight inside the Sanatorium chapel, but never actually uses it. Sam possesses a headband flashlight in the tunnel to the Sanatorium, in the mines, and at the Sanatorium when meeting Mike.

Chapter 10

Sam continues to use the headband flashlight for the rest of the night, until her possible death in the lodge or her survival.

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