(...) and we went for help because we were trapped and for fuck's sake that was why I was on the goddamned fucking tower in the first place!

The Fire Tower, also known as the Watch Tower, is a location visited by Matt and Emily during the events of Until Dawn.

Events of Until Dawn

After Matt finds a map to the fire tower, Emily suggests that they journey there to contact the Park Ranger Service to get the party off the mountain. Once they arrive at the top, Emily finds a radio to access the Park Service, and potentially a flare gun.

Emily tries to contact the Park Ranger Service, but the storm hinders the radio message from being sent out, and the Park Service can't understand her. Each time this happens, Emily gets more panicked.

Afterwards, the cables attaching the tower to the mountain will be purposely broken by someone, and it plunges into the North West Mines bringing both Matt and Emily down as well.


  • Emily is the only protagonist to go to the fire tower, regardless of your decisions.
    • If Matt survives the deer encounter at the clifftop, he will go to the fire tower, and will be playable on the destroyed fire tower, after its collapse.

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Cable Car Station · Washington Cabin · Clifftop · Fire Tower · Park Ranger Service · Radio from the Pines · Shed

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