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This is the transcribed copy from the Fifth Therapy Session at the end of Chapter 4. This was directly taken from the chapter/episode.

Fifth Therapy Session

Dr. Hill is seen by the window of his office, but quickly notices you and rubs his hands together. He walks over to the mannequin, which is now seated in a wooden chair with both of it's hands on it's knees. A circular saw blade is driven into it's head, and red liquid splattered down it's neck, it is also faced towards you. Dr. Hill touches the saw blade with his index finger, and smiles as he walks over to you. He rests his legs on the side of the desk.

Dr. Hill: Hello again. Things are getting pretty tense out there aren't they? Is the night going the way you hoped it would?

The player is then greeted with the choices if telling him it is, or it's not. "It's going fine" and "No, it's not".

Dr. Hill lifts his feet off of the table.

Dr. Hill: Hm. I see... And you think these poor people are getting what they deserve?!

Two choices are given to the player, though they aren't answers to the question Hill was asking, these two being "What do you want" and "Who are you?".

Dr. Hill: I am trying to help you. And this "game" you're playing... you understand that it's not good for you.. It's not good for anyone. And I can't say that you're being particularly honest/charitable/loyal in the way you're "playing''!

Dr. Hill stands up from his seat, and walks away from you, towards the window, and crosses his arms.

A flash of light can be seen from outside, and Dr. Hill suddenly appears directly in front of you, and speaks in a hostile tone.

Dr. Hill: Do you intend to continue with this elaborate self indulgence?

The player is presented with the choice of telling Hill they will continue with their "self indulgence" or can simply state he is freaking them out, these choices being read as: "Yes, I will continue" and "You're freaking me out".

Dr. Hill: Do you even believe that I am real?!

The player is given the choice to tell Dr. Hill he is real, or not real, the choices are "You're real" and "You don't exist."

Dr. Hill: Ah, the heart of the problem. It all comes down to this: can you really tell the difference anymore?

Dr. Hill eerily smiles.

Dr. Hill: I doubt it.

Dr. Hill takes his hands off the table, exhales, and walks over to the window, and crosses his arms.


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