The Death Certificate is the thirteenth clue in the 1952 Clueline. It can be found by Mike in the Sanatorium, in Chapter 5 of Until Dawn.


A death certificate of a certain worker of the Sanatorium who was attacked by an inmate that turned into a Wendigo.



Name of Deceased: Sarah Smith

Date of Death: February 24th 1952

I hereby certify that I attended deceased from: March 8th 1951 to February 24th 1952, and last saw her alive on February 24th 1952.

Cause of Death: Severe lacerations to the abdomen. Intra-abdominal injuries. Subsequent blood loss.

If death was due to external causes (violence) fill in also the following.

Accident, suicide, homicide: Homicide

Manner of injury: Laceration by sharp impalement. Possibly FINGERNAILS!

Additional Notes: Please use the box provided overleaf for any additional relevant information.

Signed by N. Bowen MD

Address: Blackwood Sanatorium

Date: February 24th 1952

(On reverse side)

Additional notes: Body was not discovered after 6-8 hours after death.

Sections of the intestine and kidneys were apparently EATEN by the attacker.


Following the bear trap, the Death Certificate will be found in one of the body drawers inside the morgue.


  • Another death that occurred on the 24th of February 1952. There must have been a massacre.

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