There are many clues throughout Until Dawn. While most of them are only served for collecting and extra dialogue, some impact the story and the fate of a certain character.


There are three cluelines in the game.

  • Mystery Man Clueline - the clues in this clueline help the player find out who is hunting and torturing the group.
  • Twins Clueline - the clues in this clueline help the player discover what happened to the twin sisters, Hannah and Beth, after their disappearances.


  • Though not seen in the Mystery Man Video, clues number 31 and 32 are found in Chapter 2 during the bonus DLC segment. Both clues do not count for the trophy.
    • Pig Head Note will always be found at the end of the segment, but you need to rotate the note for it to count as a clue.
    • Cigar Stub (Matt) can be found right near the Axe Holder, right on the rocks.



Mystery Man Clueline

Wanted Poster · Newspaper Fragment · Answerphone Message · Axe Holder · Cigar Stub (Mike) · Mystical Symbol · Native American Book · Postcard · Cigar Stub (Matt) · Pig Head Note · Threatening Letter · Light from Below · Native American Letter · Cigar Box · Clippings Wall · Business Card · Pig's Head · Hidden Camera · Axe · Faked Newspapers · Lightbulb Catalogue · Batteries and Timers · Dead Pig · Photos of Friends · Hooks and Chains · Video Camera · Dummy in Sam's Clothes · Death Machine Plans · Josh's Cellphone · Remembrance Board · Voice Recording · Psychiatric Report

Twins Clueline

Film Trophy · Beach Photo · Prom Night Photo · Family Portrait · Tattoo Card · Compatibility Test · Tennis Photo · Portrait Photo · Hannah's Glasses Case · Beth's Phone · Hannah's Poster · Beth's Poster · Hannah's Glasses · Hannah's Locket · Marks on Rock · Beth's Cross · Tattoo Photo · Beth's Head · Beth's Watch · Scrawled Journal

1952 Clueline

Mine Danger Map · Old Mask · Administration Notes · Broken Camera · Medical Notes · Clocking-In Cards · Mine Rescue Photo · Old Newspaper · Restraining Chair · Telegram About Miners · Name Tag · Strange Skull · Death Certificate · Clocking-In Machine · Miner Photo · Miner's Family Photo · Romantic Postcard · Journal: Introduction · Journal: Cannibalism · Journal: History · Journal: Combat · Journal: Bite · Makeshift Graveyard · Doctor's Report · Old Film Reel · Suicide Note · Case Study Dossier

Game Mechanics
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect

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