Watch where you step around here, Em.

The Clifftop is a location situated on Blackwood Mountain, visited by Hannah and Beth Washington, The Stranger, and Emily and Matt, during the events of Until Dawn.


One Year Ago

When Hannah and Beth Washington run away to escape a creature in the woods, they encounter the clifftop, where they are cornered to the edge by the creature. They fall off the edge, but are revealed to be hanging on to a branch. A masked man with a flamethrower then attempts to grab them by the hand to help them back up, but the twins fall off regardless into the mines below, presumably killing them.

Present Day

When Emily and Matt are searching for the fire tower in order to get help, they come across and examine the clifftop, where they are again cornered, this time by a group of deer. Matt can kill one of the deer with an axe when prompted, resulting in the other deer cornering him to the edge.

Like the twins, he falls and grabs onto a ledge, where he can climb back up or fall to his death, leaving Emily to get help alone. Otherwise, Emily and Matt will proceed to the fire tower unscathed.


  • The clifftop is one of the most deadly places on the mountain, resulting in a death in each encounter - Beth, and possibly Matt.

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