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"Oh, you've heard of blanks before."
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This is the transcribed copy from the Second Chapter. This was taken directly from the chapter/episode.

Opening shot of Chris talking.

The name of the chapter, Jealousy/Darkness, and nine hours until dawn.

Chris: Man I feel like this mountain gets bigger every time I climb it.

Josh: Oh yeah? Feels the same to me.

(The game introduces Josh as Hannah and Beth's brother, and is complex, thoughtful, and loving.)

Chris: Oh come on, you grew up here. It probably feels like it's shrinking.

Josh: I guess that's true.

Chris raises his phone.

Chris: When you gonna install some cell towers up here? I'm getting withdrawals already.

Josh: You got a spare million lying around and I'll fix you right up.

Chris: Funny you should say that... Ah I think I left it in my other jacket.

Josh: Oops.

Chris, Josh, and Sam walk up to the foot of the lodge and see Ashley sitting down on the stairs and Matt.

(If Matt saw Mike & Em through the binoculars in Chapter 1:)

Josh: Hey guys... Get up here okay?
Ashley: Yeah... well more or less. But it's so good to see you!
Josh: 'Sup with him?
Matt stands looking upset and does not converse.

(If Matt did not see Mike & Em through the binoculars in Chapter 1:)

Josh: Hey gang... you guys get up here okay?
Matt stands up.
Matt: Coulda done with some bellboys, but hey, can't get everything.
Ashley: Yeah it was pretty easy... a little creepy though... I mean, it's just really weird being back here.

The camera moves from behind a tree and Josh and Chris walk upstairs, Matt walks away from the stairs, and Ashley stays sitting. There is heavy breathing.

Chris; Washington Lodge Grounds; 22:00

Chris: Yo yo yo! Are we gonna get things moving up here or what?

Josh: Yeah man!

(If the player chooses to Gossip: Matt and Emily...)

Chris: So Matt and Emily are a thing now, right?
Josh: Yeah, so it seems.
Chris: I mean, what's Mike think of that?
Josh: I have a feeling Mike's already got his hands full... you know what I mean?
Chris: Huh.

(If the player chooses to Worry: You doin' alright?)

Chris: Hey... you doin' alright? I mean it must be really tough without your sis-
Josh: Stop.
Chris: I just meant that-
Josh: No I know what you meant. You know, seriously, I'm over it, and I just want us to have a really good time, you know? Like we always used to.

Josh tries to open the lock of the lodge's front door.

Josh: Dammit... This freaking thing...

Chris: It's iced?

Josh: What else?

Chris: Maybe there's another way in.

Josh: There are a milion ways in. They're just all locked.

Chris: There's gotta be, like, a window round the corner we can get, like, "get open" or something.

Josh: Wait a second, are you saying we should break in?

Chris: I don't think it's technically breaking in if you own the place, right?

Josh: Hey. Not if I don't report you.

Chris: Umm...

Josh: Lead the way, Cochise.

Josh follows Chris down the stairs. Chris turns to talk to Ashley.

Chris: Hey Ash...

Ashley: Hi Chris!

(If the player chooses to be Unsettled: It's weird to be back.)

Chris: You doin' alright?
Ashley: Yeah... aside from being kinda cold... and vaguely creeped out by this place...
Chris: It's kinda weird being back up here huh?
Ashley: Yeah...

(If the player chooses to be Confident: Nice being back.)

Chris: So... how're you doing?
Ashley: Mm... good! But... a little cold... I think I could use some time curled up by the fire...
Chris: Yeah... that does sound pretty nice.

Chris then has an option to go down the main path (straight towards the screen). If he does so, Chris will see Matt standing near a tree, Chris can talk to him.

(If Matt saw Mike & Em through the telescope in Chapter 1:)
Chris: Matt! Been a while. Rough season, huh?
Matt: Yeah, something like that...
(If the player chooses to be Friendly: How're you doin'?)
Chris: Hey.. you okay, man?
Matt: Some people, you know? You think you know 'em.
Chris: Ooooh-kaaay....
(If the player chooses to be Nosy: So, you and Em... ?)
Chris: So, uh... you and Emily... that happening?
Matt: Define "happening".
Chris: You know, like, together?
Matt: I mean it's... "happening", but I'm not really sure what it is.
(If Matt did not see Mike & Em through the telescope in Chapter 1:)
Chris: Matt! Been a while. You look all weird without your helmet and jersey...
Matt: Yeah, been a tough one. Good to see you.
(If the player chooses to be Friendly: How're you doin'?)
Chris: So how's it hangin'?
Matt: Pretty good, man! Can't complain. You?
Chris: Oh, you know. Same ol' same ol'.
Matt: Cool.
(If the player chooses to be Nosy: So, you and Em... ?)
Chris: So, uh... you and Emily... that happening?
Matt: A hundred percent, man. It was kinda unexpected, but it's been great.

After the conversation with Matt, Chris can go up to the small gate, and talk to Sam.

Sam: So, you seen Ash yet?
Chris: Ummm.... Yeah?
Sam: Cool. Cool. How's, uh, how's she doing?
Chris: She's... fine. Why?
Sam: No reason.

Chris then follows Josh on the path leading towards the back.

Josh: Ashley was looking pretty hot today, right? She's like a "sleeper hit" kinda gal, you know?... Now I just wanna rip that parka right off her... make some snow angels. Right?

(If the player chooses to Agree: Yeah... absolutely.)

Chris: Yeah... absolutely.
Josh: When are you gonna take her to the bone zone?
Chris: Sheesh... like that could ever happen.
Josh: Come on man. She practically spends her entire life with you as it is.
Chris: Well, yeah, but we're like, friends-

(If the player chooses to Protest: Cut it out, man.)

Chris: Hey, cut it out, man-
Josh: I mean if you don't wanna bang her... maybe Mike'll take up the case.
Chris: W-... will you back off already?
Josh: Re-laaax... I'm just checkin' to see if there's some blood flowin' down there.
Chris: Tsk, yeah...

Josh: Listen dude. Look around you. Look at these beautiful mountains. Do you see any parents? I mean can you imagine a more perfect, ripe scenario, just dripping with erotic possibilities? You, and Ashley, alone at last... You've laid all the groundwork, you've been a perfect gentleman. Now you come in for the kill!

(If the player chooses to Agree: Maybe you're right.)

Chris: Maybe you're right.
Josh: You're a hunter, bro. No fear. No mercy. I mean she won't even know what hit her.
Both laugh.
Chris: Alright, alright. I got it. Jeez.

(If the player chooses to Disagree: I don't know...)

Chris: I don't know, man...
Josh: How can you NOT KNOW!
Chris: But what if it's like, weird... and what if she might not like, wanna be friends with me anymore if I try something like that.
Josh: I mean weren't you just listening? You gotta buck up, bro. Grow a pair.

Josh: So how are we planning on breaking into my parents' lodge, bud?

Chris: Wait, I didn't say I had a plan-

Josh: You sounded like you had a plan. You better deliver, Cochise, or else you got four lovely ladies who are gonna be freezing their buns off, and last time I checked, that's not a good way to get laid.

Chris: Well shoot. Nobody likes cool buns.

Chris can interact with the Axe Holder.

Chris: Hmm...

Chris interacts with the cabinet.

Josh: Well well well. We got ourselves a thinker. Nice one.

Chris and Josh push/pull the cabinet underneath the window. Chris climbs on top of it and balances himself. He opens the window, climbs in, and falls on his back on the ground.

Chris: Ugh... I'm okay! I should have paid more attention in climbing class...

Josh: You mean "gym"?

Chris starts to stand up.

Chris: Yeah, you know, with the climbing up the rope-

A light bulb smashes, darkening the room.

Josh: Whoa.

Chris: Did I do that?

Josh: I don't... I don't think so. Here, use this.

Josh throws Chris a lighter and Chris turns it on.

Josh: Whoa - Chris - I just got an awesome idea.

Chris: Yeah?

Josh: Totally!

Chris: Well what is it!?

Josh: Okay. So. I am PRETTY sure that I've got deodorant in one of the bathrooms... you could use THAT with the LIGHTER...

Chris: I don't- I don't follow. How's a stick of deodorant gonna help?

Josh: Spray on. It's a can.

Chris: Ohhh... yeah.... Now I gotcha.

Josh: Flamethrower.

Chris: Just like we do with the lil' army dudes.

Josh: Yup. The ones we melted. Just point the spray-can at the lighter then FWOOSH.

Chris: Bye-bye frozen lock.

Josh: Bingo. Alright, so you got this. I'm gonna go sort something out - you up for hunting around in the dark a little bit?

Chris: Nope. But I'll do it.

Josh: Godspeed, pilgrim.

Josh jumps off.

Chris can interact with the Newspaper Fragment.

Chris: So... what have we here...

Chris can interact with the Family Portrait.

Chris: Huh. That's cool.

A noise occurs.

Chris: Huh? What the hell was that?

(If Chris interacts with the front door:)

Chris looks out the lodge door window and sees Sam and Ashley.
Chris: WOOOooOOooooOOO!
Sam: Hi Chris, very funny.
Chris: How'd you know it was me?
Sam: Shouldn't you be, like, getting the lock open or something?
Chris: On it!

Chris grabs the can of deodorant in the bathroom and a baby wolverine pops out from the cabinet.

Chris: AHH! SON OF A-! What the fuck! Ahh, perfect.

Ashley: We're freezing our buns off out here!

Chris melts the ice off the lock and opens the door while the handle is still hot and so he winces.

Chris: Thank you, thank you thank you, I'll be here all week-

The baby wolverine runs out of the front door.

Chris: EEEK! Jeez!

Sam and Ashley laugh.

Chris: Crap that thing freaked me out.

Ashley: What was it? Are you okay? 

Chris: It was like a bear, or a tiger or something-

Sam: Aw it was just a cute little baby wolverine!

Chris: Baby?

Josh: Don't worry buddy, you're gonna be a big boy soon.

Josh, Sam, Ashley, and Matt enter the house.

Josh: Home, sweet home.

Matt: Sweet is not the word I'd use.

Ashley: Oh my gosh it's SO GOOD to be inside. Even if it's still kinda freezing in here.

Josh: I'll get a fire going.

Matt: This place barely looks any different.

Josh: Nobody's been up here.

Ashley: Even with all the police coming in and out?

Chris: Not a lot of action up here lately.

Josh: Nope.

Mike: What's up party people!

Jess: Heeey!

Josh: Hey!

(If Matt saw Mike and Em at the binoculars:)

Matt flashbacks to when he saw Mike and Em hugging each other.
Josh: Make yourself at home, bro.
Mike: Will do. 
Matt: Yeah. Come on in. Take a load off. Have whatever you want. You just take whatever you want anyways, right?
Mike: Woah, easy there, cowboy.

Matt; Washington Lodge; 22:28

(If the player chose to Warn: Stay away from Emily.)
Matt: Mike, stay away from my girlfriend.
Mike: Dude - what are you talking about?
Matt: Stay away from Emily.
Mike: Emily? Why would I want anything to do with Emily?
(If the player chose to Back Off: Forget it)
Matt: Right... Right.
Mike: Something going on with you, man?
Matt: Forget it. I lost my head. Been a long day.
Mike: Yeah, well... Try not to lose it again.
(If the player chose to Attack: Quit being a dick!)
Matt: Quit being such a dick, man, nobody wants you here-
Mike: Seriously, what's your problem, meathead?
Matt: You son of a bitch-
Matt grabs Mike by the head.
Mike: Hey! Hey! Get off of me!
Josh: HEY!
Josh breaks them both up.
Josh: What the hell is wrong with you two? We didn't come back here just to tear each others heads off. I mean, we came back here to have a good time, right? Hey, Mike, why don't you and Jess go check out the guest cabin I told you about.
Mike: Yeah... Yeah, cool.
Emily enters.
Mike: You want to head up there?
Jess: Sure.
Mike and Jess leave right after Emily walks in. Matt walks up to Josh.
(If the player chose to Challenge: I saw you and Em.)
Matt: What the hell were you doing with Em out on the trail, huh?
Mike: What?
Matt: I saw you and Em. Through the telescope.
Mike: Before? We just ran into each other. It'd been a while so we hugged and I said hello. Is that against the law?
(If the player chose to Apologize: I overreacted.)
Matt: Right... yeah... Duh. Sorry, it's been kind of a long day. I overreacted.
Mike: Nah, man, don't worry about it.
Matt: We cool?
Mike: Yeah, yeah. Totally.
(If the player chose to Distrust: Watch yourself, Mike!)
Matt: Erm. Right. Right I'm sure it's all it was.
Mike: You know what? You can think whatever you want. It's a free country.
Matt: Watch yourself, Mike.
Matt and Mike go back and sit down and Emily enters.

(The following happens if Matt didn't see Mike and Emily flirting or if he chooses any of the options other than Attack:)

Emily: Oh. My god. That is so gross. Are you trying to swallow his face whole?
Matt: Em...
Emily: Seriously can she be any more obvious? No one wants in on your territory, honey.
Jess: Excuse me, did you say something?
Emily: Oh did you not hear me? Was your sluttiness too loud?
Jess: Sounds like someone's bitter she didn't make the cut.
Emily: Yeah. It's all a big cattle call with that dreamboat. Congrats, you're top cow.
Jess: Cuts real deep calling Miss Homecoming a cow.

Matt; Washington Lodge; 22:28

(If the player chooses to Defuse: Chill out, Emily.)
Matt: Em, come on -
Emily: Shut up, Matt-
Jess: Stay out of it, you dumb oaf.
Emily: Hey, watch it-
Jess: Oh you're the only one who can put him down? No one else can play with your toys?
Emily: You're such a bitch!
(If the player chooses to Provoke: That's uncalled for, Jess)
Matt: H-hey, you're making everyone uncomfortable, Jess-
Jess: Jealous much? Emily too frigid for you, too?
Matt: Hey that's... uncalled for... look-
Jess: Whatever. I don't give a crap what you think.
Emily: At least I can think. 4.0, bitch, honor roll. Suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job.
Jess: Who needs grades when you've got all the natural advantages you can handle?
Emily: Oh please.
Jess: You couldn't buy a moldy loaf of bread with your skanky ass.
Emily: Are you serious? Do you think that's insulting?
Jess: That bitch is on crack or something.
(If the player chooses to Defuse: Emily, stop!)
Matt: Emily! Stop! This is out of hand. There's no reason to fight like this!
Jess: Yeah, Em! Why you pickin' fights over your ex boyfriend? Huh?
(If the player chooses to Provoke: Shut your mouth, Jess.)
Matt: Jessica, you need to shut your mouth, okay?
Jess: No, you're the one who needs to keep your nose out of other people's business!
Emily: I'm about to get right up in your business you bitch-
Jess: Are we about to get real? Cause I am down to get real.
Jessica walks up to Emily, clearly ready for a fight.
Josh gets up.
Josh: STOP IT! This is not why we came up here. This is not... helping. It's not what I wanted. If we can't get along for ten minutes then maybe we need a little bit of a break, right? Mike - why don't you check out the guest cabin. The one I told you about.
Mike: Yeah... Yeah, alright. Want to go do that?
Jess: Any place without that whore.
Josh: It's right up the trail.
Jess and Mike leave. Matt imitates his head exploding.
Matt: Phew! ... Glad that's over!

Josh goes back to the fire place.

Josh: Yeah.

Matt: So Josh... Uh, should we get this fire going?

Emily walks up to her luggage.

Emily: Where's my bag?

Matt: Huh?

Emily: My bag! The little bag with the pink pattern! The one I got on Rodeo! Matt are you listening? Oh my god, don't you remember? Next to the Italian shoe place where I got the stilettos and you knocked over the rack while you were drooling all over that girl at the counter?

Matt starts walking towards Emily.

Matt: Well, I mean, she was asking about my letter jacket-

Emily: Right. Because she gave a shit about your "designer" letter jacket.

Matt: Why do you hate my jacket?

Emily: MATT I need MY BAG!

Matt: Oh my god Em, maybe you just forgot it-

Emily: Do you seriously think I'd forget my bag?

Matt: Well, I-

Emily: Do you?

Matt: Guess not.

Emily: You must have left it down by the cable car station.

Matt: Ugh!

Emily: C'mon hun. We'll be back soon.

Matt: And then we can get warm?

Emily: We can get very warm.

Matt: Okay. Okay. Let's go.

Matt points towards the exit, and the couple leaves.

Sam: Okay, I am gonna go take a bath.

Sam stands up and walks up the stairs.

Mike and Jess exit the lodge as Mike sighs.

Mike: Exiled.

Jess: Sex-iled.

Mike: Works for me.

Jess: Brr... How far is this "cabin" anyway?

Mike: This cabin... is the coziest, most romantic, love den you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Jess: Psh... if we ever make it.

Mike: Oh, I have a feeling luck's on our side...

Jess: Play your cards right and maybe you will get lucky.

Josh opens and pokes out of the doorway.

Josh: Hey! Porn stars! You're gonna need these.

Josh throws the keys to the cabin to Jess.

Jess: Porn star?

Josh: I'd pay to see it.

Jess: Uh, gross?

Josh: Sorry to kick you out like that - 

Mike: No worries man.

Josh: Oh I'm sure you'll find a way to entertain yourselves.

Jess: Mmm-hmmm... you have fun with the peanut gallery.

Josh imitates shooting a gun to his head...

Josh: Oh! Almost forgot. Gotta fire up the generator so you can see where you're going. It's dark out there.

Josh goes back inside the lodge.

Mike: Alright. Roger that.

Jess: I think Josh was flirting with me.

Mike: Mmkay. You want to invite him up with us?

Mike; Washington Lodge Grounds; 22:43

Jess: Wait... really?

Mike: What?! No!

Mike follows and then may interact with Jess.

Jess: Hey. Hot lips. Photobooth?

Mike: Alright! Read my mind.

Jess hands the phone to Mike as he prepares for a selfie.

Mike: Okay...

(If Mike takes a good photo:)

Jess: Oh. My god. This is perfect! We're like, the cutest couple!
Mike: Damn. You should be a model.
Jess: You keep that camera handy and maybe I'll let you start my portfolio... at the cabin.
Mike: Wink! Noted.

(If Mike takes a bad photo:)

Jess: Ermm... Good effort. Next time, I get the camera, okay?
Mike: Well- Okay. But it's not easy holding that thing all like backwards and forwards at the same time.
Jess: Okay. Let's go, I've got cabin fever.

Jess: Brrr. It is freezing out here...!

Mike: Now that's something I can help you with.

Jess: And how're you gonna do that!?

Mike: I got a few things in mind.

Mike can interact with a Washington Estate sign.

Mike: Not a lot of TLC for this place anymore. Kind of a bummer.

Mike interacts with Jess.

(If Matt and Mike did not fight in the lodge and Jess and Emily did:)

Jess: Emily's as dumb as she looks if she thinks she can cut in on what we got going on. Maybe if we're lucky she'll try and follow us out here and get eaten by a bear.
(If Mike chooses to Agree: Emily was being a bitch.)
Mike: I think you bring out the worst in her.
Jess: Is that so.
Mike: Epic jealousy.
Jess: Suck it.
(If Mike chooses to Disagree: Ease up on Em, okay?)
Mike: Ahh... yeah... she's a handful... but maybe ease up on her, she's still kinda torn from bein' dumped.
Jess: Um, hello? Not my problem, Mike. And not yours, either.
(If Mike chooses to Agree: Yeah, screw Emily.)
Mike: Ah, yeah. How's it my fault she doesn't understand what "beat it, ya skank" means?
Jess: Yeah! Like crack a dictionary much, beyotch?
(If Mike chooses to Defend: Leave Emily Alone.)
Mike: No, I mean, of course not. I'm just sayin' it's... it's not worth kicking her when she's down. 'Cause... I'd rather spend my time gettin' down with you. You see what I did there? I did that... for you...
Jess: Yeah. Okay. But she better stay down, is all I'm saying.

(If Matt and Mike fought in the lodge and Jess and Emily had not:)

Jess: So what the heck was all that muscle flexing with you and Matt?
(If Mike chooses to be Aggressive: Matt's a dick!)
Mike: What a dick, right? Dude has no business coming at me like that. If he's got any brain in his huge dumb melon he better find it and use it or he's gonna get wrecked.
Jess: Wow. Nasty Mikey.
Mike: Just... riled up.
Jess: Me likey.
(If Mike chooses to be Evasive: Just showing off.)
Mike: Ah, you know, just a little peacock action for my lady.
Jess: Oh really. That was all just to impress me?
Mike: Well, you gotta show off the goods when you got 'em.
Jess: Mmm... You seemed pretty P.O.'d there, stud.
(If Mike chooses to be Evasive: It was no big deal.)
Mike: No, no, I was just trying to put some distance, you know?
Jess: Seemed like you just needed an excuse...
(If Mike chooses to be Truthful: Matt pushed my buttons.)
Mike: Dude was getting all territorial around Em. What am I not allowed to talk to her now that he's screwing her?
Jess: Free country.

Mike can interact with the gate and discover it is locked.

Mike: Huh. Guess this thing needs juice or something.
Jess: Didn't Josh say there was a generator? Mike! Generator!
Mike: Alright, got it.
If Mike takes too long before turning on the generator.
Jess: I wish you could "generate" a little "excitement" about getting that FREAKING GENERATOR TO WORK!
Mike: Okay, I'll just yell at it like you're yelling at me, let's see if that works.
Jess: Miiike... wouldn't it be nice to fire up the Genny and get movin'?
Mike: What's a 'genny'?

Mike opens the latch.

Mike: Allllright. Let's see.

Mike pulls the switch.

Mike: Boom! Nice one Mikey.

Mike pulls the switch twice.

Mike: Ehh!

The lights outside turn on.

Jess: Woo! You are a wizard!

Mike opens the gate.

Mike: Kazam, the gates shall open.

Jess: Pretty good, right?

Mike: Yeah, totally! This is... awesome.

Jess: Awwww yeah... I bring the hits. You psyched yet? You don't look psyched yet!

Mike: I am so psyched right now!

Jess: It's like a little adventure... a sexcapade.

Mike: Fuh!

Mike interacts with Jess.

Jess: Police tape...

Mike: From Hannah and Beth.

Jess: You'd think they'd clean it up...

Mike: Well, they never closed the investigation.

Jess: Okay, I'm gettin' the creeps now.

(If Mike chooses to be Respectful: I hope they're at peace.)

Mike: Well wherever they are... I'm sure they're happy we're all thinking about them.
Jess: That's... a nice way of thinking about it.

(If Mike chooses to Ask: What do you remember?)

Mike: It's all such a blur. I can barely even remember what happened.
Jess: Well, what I remember is that we played stupid half baked prank that probably got Hannah and Beth killed.
Mike: Hey, I mean, it's not our fault they ran into the woods.
Jess: Yeah... How could anyone have expected them to do a dumb thing like that?

A scream occurs in the distance.

Jess: Ummmm... Did you hear that?

Mike: I heard... something. Yeah.

Mike and Jess approach a tree blocking the path.

Mike: Ah... damn. I don't think we can get up to the cabin with the path blocked like this-

Jess: Oh no way am I going back to the lodge a.k.a. wax museum to drink hot chocolate with Emily. You know what? Fuck it. We're adventurous. We will find another way around.

Jess breaks a barrier and falls down a ledge.


Mike: JESS! Fuck! Hey, Jessica!

Jess: Yep! Hey! I'm okay!

Mike: Holy crap you scared the heck out of me.

Jess: How do you think I felt!!

Mike: Er, you didn't hit your head or anything?

Jess: As far as I can tell I still have all seven of my limbs!

Mike: Yeah. Can you get out?

Jess: Uhhh... I don't know. I can hardly see anything down here...!

(If Mike chooses to be Heroic: I'll jump down!)

Mike: Alright, comin' after ya, just stay put!
Mike jumps down but does not notice The Stranger behind him.
Mike: Umpfh.
Jess: Hey handsome, wanna help me move this cart thing?
Mike: Alright. Help me move it, help me move it.
Jess: Okay.
Michael and Jess both push the cart.
Mike: When I imagined us grunting together... this is not what I pictured...
Jess laughs.

(If Mike chooses to be Cautious: Push the cart!)

Mike: Alright, Jess, there's a cart, I think if you can push it, you can get by.
Jess: Alright, okay lemme just try...
Jess struggles to push the cart.
Jess: It's too heavy!!
(If Mike chooses to Insist: Try it again!)
Mike: Try it again!
Jess: It's SUPER heavy...
Mike: Maybe you already loosened it a bit-
Jess attempts to push the cart again but fails.
Jess: Hey, Michael, I'm like, pretty ripped and all? Buuuut I don't think I can move it. Any other bright ideas?
(If the player chooses to be Cautious: I'll drop the light.)
Mike: ...
(If Mike chooses to be Helpful: Squeeze through gap!)
Mike: Hey - so... babe? You see the little gap down there? Between that cart and the wall?
Jess: That tiny little gap?
Mike: Yeah... maybe you can just, you know, shimmy through it or something.
Jess: Ahh... I appreciate your confidence in my physique but I don't think "the ladies" are gonna fit.
Mike: Ohhh... With the... Right. Okay. Gotcha.
Jess: Okay. So why don't you either toss that light or, you know, be a hero and jump down here to assist me?
(If the player chooses to be Heroic: I'll jump down!)
Mike: Alright. Don't move. I'm comin' in!
Jess: Better hurry up before some other hunky beefcake gets here!
Mike jumps down.
Mike: Umpfh.
Mike: Alright. Help me move it, help me move it.
Jess: Okay.
Michael and Jess both push the cart.
Mike: When I imagined us grunting together... this is not what I pictured...
Jess laughs.
(If the player chooses to be Cautious: I'll drop the light.)
Mike: Alright. Jess? Gonna drop the light down. Okay? Look alive!
Jess: What? 
Mike: Look ali- just, heads up.
Mike tosses the flashlight to Jess.
Mike: You get it?
Jess: Yeah, I got it...
Jess shimmies through the gap.
Mike: JESS! Jess, what the hell? What was that? Are you okay?
Jess: I saw something!
Mike: What?!
Jess: Something moved!
Mike: Okay! It's probably just like, a bat or something!
Jess: A BAT?
Mike: Alright coming after you... just stay put!
Michael jumps down.
Jess: Michael. Bats have RABIES.
Mike: Well it's not gonna bite you-
Michael shimmies through the gap.
Jess: Well hello.
Mike: Hello.
Jess: Shall we?
Jess hands Michael the light and walks away. Michael follows.

The cart rolls in front of them.

Jess: Ahh!!

Mike: Ah!

(If the player executes [Triangle]:)

Mike stops the cart.
Mike: Ah! Whoa whoa whoa!
Jess: Holy crap! Oh my gosh, are you okay?
Mike: Ah... Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
Mike and Jess look back at the minecart and walk away.

(If the player fails to hit [Triangle]:)

Mike is hit by the cart and falls face down to the ground.
Jess: Oh my gosh, are you okay?
Mike: Ah... Yeah. Yeah I'm fine.
Jess: Oh god, you totally ate shit!
Mike: Thank you! Still got my teeth. That's a plus.
Jess: Yes yes.
Mike and Jess walk away from the minecart.

Jess: Woah nellie, this place is givin' me the willies. And not the good kind of willies.

Mike: Can I offer you a little comfort and reassurance?

Jess: Save it for the cabin, buster.

Mike can interact with a Cigar Stub.

Mike: Huh. Stogie.
Jess: Weird place to hang out and smoke cigars.
Mike: It's recent. Wonder who was up here.

Mike can examine the Mystical Symbol.

Mike: Whoa. This place is like... historical.
Jess: Holy bat cave.
Mike: It's gotta be Native American, right?

A plank of wood falls in front of them.

Mike: Ahh! Ho! Shit!

Jess: AHH!

Mike: You alright?

Jess: Yeah... Close one.

Mike: I don't think this place is up to code. 

Jess: Yeah, I'm thinking it's time to go.

Mike can examine the Mine Danger Map.

Mike: Jesus. This place is a real fixer upper.

Jess: Finally! A little ray of hope!

Jess: Well well. When Josh said "cabin" I thought like, Abe Lincoln.

Mike: Wait'll you see the Lincoln Bedroom.

Jess: Oh are you planning on getting presidential on me?

Mike: Wanna take a ride on Air Force One?

Jess: Alright, alright, save it for the stump speech, buddy.

Jess: Oooh, a telescope!

Jess looks into the telescope.

Jess: Gonna look at the trees... gonna look at the clouds... gonna look at the cabi-... Uh. Whoa.

Jess steps back from the telescope.

Mike: Y'alright?

Jess: I just saw someone at the cabin.

Mike looks into the telescope.

Mike: Okayyy? Let me see.
Mike can look in the telescope again.
Mike: Samplin' the ol' egg nog again babe? It's just us up here.
Jess: Ah, maybe.

Mike can examine a sign with the animals in the mountain.

Mike: Hey Jess?
Jess: Mmm-huh?
Mike: Stay close by, okay?
Jess: What's up?
Mike: Ah... this posting says there's some brown bears up here sometimes.
Jess: Oh Michael! I have the BEST idea!
Mike: What?
Jess: Let's go hug a bear. Come on. Please. Come on.
Mike: Uh... Let's not hug a bear!

Mike opens a gate and they both go through.

A bird jumps out at Mike.

Mike: EEK!

Jess: Watch out, bird-brain!

(If the player chose to be Witty: I was just... flirting.)

Mike: I was just... just answering its mating call.
Jess: Wow, you're easy.
Mike: Yeah. Got a lotta love to give.
Jessica chuckles and walks away from Mike.
Mike: ...I was scared.

(If the player chooses to be Annoyed: Rats with wings...)

Mike: Fucking rats with wings.
Jess: Aww... Poor Mikey. Did the little birdy get your panties all bunched up?
Mike: Those things are gross. Like, diseases and shit.

Mike and Jess approach a tree blocking their way.

Mike: Goddamnit Josh, couldn't you have at least cleared out the path before sending us up here?

Jess: Really?

Mike: What?

Jess: I didn't figure you for the glass half empty type.

Mike: You got a better idea?

Jess: Stand back, Debbie Downer.

Jess climbs on top of the tree trunk.

Mike: Oh, booooo! Show off!

Jess: Hey Mike. You got something on your face.

Mike touches his face then Jess throws a snowball at it.

Jess: Boom!

Mike: Okay, okay.

Mike makes a snowball of his own.

Mike: Well. If that's how it's gonna be.

Mike discovers that Jessica is missing.

Mike: Jess?

Jessica's scream can be heard.

Mike: Jess?

Sam is seen adjusting the taps of the bathtub.

Josh: Sammy!

Sam: Whaaaaat?

Josh: You wanna help me get this fire going?

Sam: Ummmm- well, I was just getting into the bath-

Josh: Oh! Well do you need any help with that?

Sam: Hardy har.

Sam; Washington Lodge; 22:44

Sam opens the hot water tap of the bath and touches it to see that there's no hot water.

Sam: Come on. Alright Josh. Let's see if you know how to hook up the hot water in your big fancy lodge.

Exiting the bathroom, Sam hears a scream.

Sam: Whoa... What was that?

Sam can go to the left and into Hannah's room:

Sam: Wow... all Hannah's stuff...
(Sam can find a picture of Mike underneath a party invitation written by him.)
Sam: Gee Hannah... crush much...?
(Sam can find a piece of paper on the floor.)
Sam: Huh.
Sam picks up the paper and sees a Compatibility Test on the back.
Sam: Hello - could this be any more about "Mike"?
Sam can open a music box gifted from Josh to Hannah.
Sam: Hmmm.

Sam continues wandering around the lodge.

Josh: Come on...

Chris: How long do you think it'll take him?

Ashley: My money's on blankets for everyone!

Chris: You can do it, man. We believe in you.

Ashley: Yeah! Totally! Woo!

Ashley: Let's go Jo-osh, let's go!

Sam walks down the stairs to the Great Room.

Josh: Alright, peanut gallery, you know what? I got an idea for you two.

Ashley: What?

Josh: Okay well I am pretty sure that somewhere in this crazy place we used to have... a spirit board.

Ashley: A what?

Chris: Wow you have a "spirit board"?

Ashley: Wait are you saying... we should have a seance?

Chris: Those things are a joke, man. They don't do shit.

Josh: No way bro. We used to do it all the time. Me and... well...

Sam: Hey Josh. No hot water's kinda major oversight doncha think...?

Josh: Yeah yeah, just gotta fire up the boiler. It's in the basement. You guys see if you can find the spirit board.

Ashley: Chris, let's go find it! It'll be like a scavenger hunt! 

Chris: Ummm... okay... guess so.

Josh: Rad. You're not gonna regret it.

Ashley and Chris leave.

Josh: You up for a ride-along?

Sam follows Josh to the basement.

Josh: Hey. You notice how I gave Chris and Ash a mission together? Yeah I was thinking they could use some "alone time."

(If the player chooses to be Mocking: Chris needs to go for it!)

Sam: Man, I just wish Chris would go for it. He's so paralyzed in thinking she's gonna shoot him down.
Josh: It's not gonna happen.
Sam: Which thing?
Josh: Well neither if he's not gonna go for it. Which, knowing Chris, he won't unless someone's holding a gun to his head.

(If the player chooses to be Flattering: They are very sweet together.)

Sam: They are very sweet together. I wish they'd just freakin' get on with it already.
Josh: I swear they just need like... something to bond over, y'know? Some sort of traumatic event to send them into each other's arms.

Josh grabs a flashlight from a drawer and opens the door leading to the basement for Sam.

Josh: You know, Sam...

Sam: Yes Josh?

Josh: I just wanted to say...

Sam: What...?

Josh: It really means a lot to me that everyone came back this year and you know, that you came, Sam.

(If the player chooses to be Reassuring: We're here for you.)

Sam: Josh. We're here for you. Really. Whatever you need. Whenever. We're all gonna make it through this... together.
Josh: Um... I want us to have a good time, you know...

(If the player chooses to be Uneasy: It's weird to be back.)

Sam: I'll be honest, it's definitely weird being back here... But I think it'll help us all put everything behind us.
Josh: Um... I want us to have a good time, you know...

Josh and Sam walk down the stairs down to the basement.

Josh: Watch your step.

Sam: I think I can handle a little old set of stairs.

Josh: Uh-huh.

Josh opens the boiler cabinet.

Josh: Sorry to drag you down into the bowels.

Sam: Just get me some hot water and I'll be super-fine.

Josh: I mean I wouldn't want you coming down here on your own, you know?

Sam: Well it's definitely creepy down here.

Josh: Yep. Not a place to be on your own.

Sam can find a door with no handle.

Sam: Huh?

Sam can interact with a baseball bat.

(If the player chooses to be Serious: Is it yours?)
Sam: What's that doing here? Is that yours?
Josh: You bet it's mine. I used to play ball with my Dad all the time. Of course that was before he got too busy to hang out with me... Oh well, save it for the couch, right?
Josh sets the baseball bat on the ground.
Josh: Okay, lemme see what I can do with this old hot water machine.
(If the player chooses to be Humorous: Baseball in the snow?)
Sam: Be pretty rough playing baseball out in all that snow.
Josh: No, it wasn't on the winter, silly. I mean, we'd come up in the summer and we would have the best time - the whole family was there, mom, dad... my sisters... It was some serious competition out there in the big lawn.
Josh: I don't know. Can't go back... New reality. Right Sam?
Josh sets the baseball bat on the ground.
Josh: Anyway, I'm supposed to be fixing this old guy, right?

Josh hands Sam the flashlight.

Josh: Here, can you... can you hold this?

A noise can be heard.

Sam: What was that?

Josh: What was what? Just shine it here so I can see what I'm doing.

(If the player fails the [Don't Move]:)

Josh: Hey... Can you just keep the light so I can see, okay?
Josh: Sam...

(Succeeding the [Don't Move]:)

Josh: Nice one. Okay first things first: we gotta increase the water pressure before we get the boiler fired up.

Sam: Sounds kinda complicated.

Josh: No, it's actually pretty simple.

(If the player fails to increase the water pressure:)

Sam: Damn!
Josh: It's okay, just try again.
then (If the player fails the QTE again:)
Sam: Ugh!
Josh: Relax... It's not that hard. Just press the button when the light comes on.

Sam: Whoa!!

Josh: That's more like it. Alright! Five, girl!

(If Sam hits [Triangle]:)

Josh and Sam high five.
Josh: Yeah!

(If Sam doesn't hit [Triangle]:)

Josh looks at his hand left hanging, and drops his smile at Sam, who's not paying attention, as he brings it down.

Josh closes the boiler cabinet.

Sam: What the hell is that...?

Josh: Could be a lot of things... and none of them nice...

Sam: Hey, quit it.

Josh: I'm just... just "Joshing" ya.

Sam: Har har.

Josh: You were really freaked out.

(If the player chooses to Protest: I wasn't scared.)

Sam: I was not scared.
Josh: No, no, you just jumped because you wanted to squeeze in some aerobics?
(If the player chooses to Accuse: You were freaked out too!)
Sam: Oh my god, you were totally freaked out too!
Josh: What? No-
Sam: You're as white as a sheet!
Josh: Nah, nah, come on. I been... I been down here enough, this place makes all kinds of sounds. I mean, big old lodge has gotta belch out some times.
(If the player chooses to Protest: I totally wasn't scared!)
Sam: Don't be an a-hole, okay?! I totally didn't jump! All I said was "what was that" which is a totally normal reaction to hearing a super creepy noise in a super creepy basement.

(If the player chooses to Prank: Something behind you...)

Sam: Oh my God-- don't move--
Josh: What--?
Sam: Something behind you.
Josh: Yeah right.
(If the player chooses to Gloat: Gotcha!!)
Sam cackles.
Sam: Gotcha!!! You were gonna look.
Josh: Was not.
Sam: You were too!
Josh: Honey, you're gonna have to do a whole lot better than that to freak me out. Alright?
(If the player chooses to Insist: No... Seriously...)
Sam: Josh... Seriously.
Sam: There's something back there...
Josh looks over his shoulder.
Sam: Ha... Got--ch--ah.
Josh: Alright. Alright. Your point.
Sam: Thirty-- Love.
Josh: What? No... Where'd you get the first point?
Sam: It doesn't start at thirty?
Josh: No. Fifteen.
Sam: Oh. Well, I'm more of a ping-pong gal.

The sound continues.

Sam: Okay, so you hear that too, right? Josh...?

Josh: ... What?

Sam: The rhythm's like, weirdly regular...

Josh: Not... No... Nothing "regular" about it...

(If the player chooses to be Concerned: We should check it out.)

Sam: Maybe we should, you know, check it out?
Josh: Why?
Sam: I dunno, what if it's like, a pipe that's about to burst or some problem with the furnace?
Josh: Unlikely.
Sam: If it were me I wouldn't want this place to burn down on my watch.
Josh: ...Yeah. Right.

(If the player chooses to be Heroic: I'll check it out.)

Sam: I'm gonna check it out.
Josh: What? Why?
Sam: What do you care, fraidyface?
Josh: It's probably just like, not anything.
Sam: Why don't you hold down the fort while I make sure?
Josh: Okay, whatever you say, madam.

Sam walks to the noise and gets jumpscared by a man in a mask.

Sam screams as both she and Josh run away.

Josh: Whoa - Sam - Whoa-

(If Sam hits [Circle]:)

Sam brings down an obstacle in front of the masked man. The pursuer trips and grunts.

Sam struggles to open the door.

Sam: Oh come ON now why are these doors locked?!

Josh: To keep out strangers!!

Chris: Hey...

Sam: ...What?

Chris: Heeyyyyyy...


The masked man reveals himself to be Chris.

Chris: Boom! You just got monked!

Sam: WHAT!!!

Josh: Nice. Nice one. That was good.

Sam: Why w... Why would you do that?

Chris: There's all this cool old movie crap down here. What, was I... was I not supposed to take advantage of the opportunity?

Sam: Are you... are you serious? Were you in on this you putz?

Josh: Nope. But I wish I was! that was too good!

Chris and Josh high-five.

The two get back to the main lodge as Josh locks the door. He then follows.

Sam: I'm ready to admit that your dumb little prank may have had a slight whiff of humor to it.

Chris: Jokemaster!

Sam: I said nothing about jokes. I said your prank, which was dumb-

Josh: Holy crap you were scared. Admit it.

Sam: I was not!

Josh: Come on, you totally pissed yourself!

Sam: Josh!

Ashley: What... in god's name... are you wearing?

Chris: I found my true calling.

Ashley: Please tell me you're going to take a vow of silence.

Chris pretends to speak inaudibly.

Ashley: Okay okay... Did you at least find the thingy.

Chris takes the Ouija board out of his costume.

Chris: Boi-oi-oi-oing! Here's our one way ticket to the spirit realm...!

Ashley: Hmmm.

Sam: You know what? You know what? No! I've just been through enough spooking for one night, okay? I see a hot bath in my crystal ball.

Josh: Hmmm.

Sam: Alright? So have fun...! Oh but watch out for that Josh. He's a schemer!

Josh: Okay.

(If the player purchased the pre-order DLC:)

Matt; Washington Lodge Grounds; 22:51

Already at the path to the lodge gate, Emily calls for Matt who is still near the stairs of the lodge.

Emily: Hello, earth to Matt? You gonna come with me to get my bag?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming.

If Matt fought Mike:

Emily: What's your deal?

Matt: What?

Emily: I've never seen you get so... aggressive.

Matt: Mike was being a prick.

Emily: Newsflash... Gentle giant shows a not-so-gentle streak. Local ladies swoon.

Matt can pick up a Cigar Stub.

Matt: Is that a butt?
Emily: You're a butt.
Matt: Who the hell's been smoking a cigar?
Emily: Not me.
Matt: Maybe Ashley's got a weird stogie habit.

Matt can find an axe holder.

Matt: Okay then.

Matt opens the gate for Emily as they both go through.

Matt: Here you are, madam.

Emily: Why thank you, sir.

Matt interacts with Emily.

Matt: Hey, Em?

Emily: Yeah?

(If only Emily and Jessica fought:)

(If the player chooses to Criticize: Maybe you should chill.)
Matt: Can I ask you something? Like for real.
Emily: What?
Matt: Promise you won't get upset.
Emily: Matt.
Matt: I think, you know like, in the future, if someone's, like, trying to push your buttons or whatever, maybe you should just try and... and chill-
Emily: What are you trying to say? Now this is my fault?
(If the player chooses to Protest: Not what I meant!)
Matt: No no no that's not what I'm... That's not what I mean.
Emily: You know what? You're right. I gotta keep it together when I'm being attacked by stupid bitches.
(If the player chooses to Back Down: You're right...)
Matt: Wow. Yeah. You're right.
Emily: Damn right I'm right. I'm always right.

(If Matt did not see Mike and Emily flirt, and Emily and Jessica fought:)

(If the player chooses to Sympathize: You feelin' better?)
Matt: Feelin' a little better now?
Emily: Say what?
Matt: That was a nasty fight...
Emily: The further we get from Jessica the better I feel.
Matt: I just want you to relax, you know? Have a good time.
Emily: I'll relax when everyone else relaxes. But thanks for trying.

(If Matt and Mike fought:)

(If the player chooses to Question: What'd you see in Mike?)
Matt: So what'd you ever see in Mike, anyways?
Emily: Oh Matt...
Matt: Seriously. He's a dick. He's always been a dick.
Emily: Why are we talking about this?
Matt: He's still into you. It's obvious.
Emily: You're a big, strong, handsome man, and you're the one that I want. So stop worrying about Mike. Okay?
Matt: Okay.

(Choice occurs regardless)

(If the player chooses to Dismiss: Let's start over...)

Matt: I think we should start the weekend over. Right now. Clean slate.
Emily: Oh?
Matt: No arguing, no Mike, no Jess. Just you and me enjoying ourselves in all this nature.
Emily: Oh you mean, "Au naturel?"
Matt: Damn straight.
Emily: I can get with that.

A light turns on, startling Matt.

Matt: Okay! Alright...

Emily strays to a different path.

Emily: Hey! Doofus! Come this way.

(If the player chooses to Flirt: ... somewhere private?)

Matt: You, er, tryin' to get me somewhere private?
Emily: Why don't you come find out.

(If the player chooses to Resist: Let's go back.)

Matt: I don't know if it's a good idea to leave this path here-
Emily: Don't be a puss, come on! It'll be worth it. You'll see.

Matt can interact with a locked gate:

Matt tries to unlock the gate by pressing the button, but it won't work.
Matt: That's weird!?

(If Matt takes too long before following Emily:)

Matt walks to Emily as she waits for him.
Emily: What're you doin, weirdo?
Matt: What, I came back.
Emily: Good boy. Now obey.

Matt and Emily continue walking. Emily talks to Matt.

Emily: Matt...?

Matt: Yeah?

Emily: Thanks for helping me find my bag... I know I can be a little high maintenance.

(If the player chooses to Boast: No prob, babe.)

Matt: It's no prob, babe. But you gotta remember that there's more to this guy than just bein' a lean, mean, luggage lifting machine.
Emily: You gonna back that up?
Matt: All day.
Both laugh.
Emily: What?
Matt: All day.
Emily: Wait what does that mean?
Matt: Like, "all day... long." I was bein' like... sexy.

(If the player chooses to Negotiate: Is it worth my while?)

Matt: Hey, goes both ways.
Emily: What?
Matt: I can be a little high maintenance too...
Matt: Gotta say I'm kinda wondering if you're gonna make it worth my while.
Emily: Oh really now, is that what you're wondering.
Matt: Just bein' honest.
Emily: Considering what's in this little baggy... maybe you should wait until we get back up to the lodge to make your final assessment.
Matt: Ok?

(If the player chooses to Sulk: It's fine... really.)

Matt: Yeah... sure. No problem.
Emily: You don't sound very convincing. 
Matt: It's fine... really.
Emily: Oh honey, you're totally sulking.
Matt: I'm not! Really, I'm not.
Emily: Just you wait until we get back to the lodge and I'll show you how much you mean to me.

Matt: Huh. Cool.

Emily: Oooh it's so pretty out here tonight...!

Matt: Wow... yeah.

Emily: And it's so nice to be here with you, muscle man.

Matt: I'm not all muscle... There are some brains in here too.

Emily: Well you got enough brains to like me. So let's see that brawn.

Matt: You ever done it outside before?

Emily: Outside of what?

Matt: My car.

Emily: I like your car. Roomy.

Matt: This ain't roomy enough for you?

Matt can choose to rub off some snow on a table.

Emily: Ah... You know what? Maybe there's a better spot.
Matt: Does this "spot" start with a "G"?
Emily: There are lotsa places out here-
Matt: I already started clearing this off for us. Like a gentleman.
Emily: Come on, let's look around-
Matt can rub off more snow and will see Mike+Em in a love heart shot with an arrow.
Matt: Oh. Well look at that.
Emily: Hey...
Matt: What the hell, Em.
Emily: Don't be jealous-!
Matt: Why would you take me here? Make me feel like a chump.
Emily: Don't be so sensitive. I'm here with you. Right now. Mike's the chump.
Matt: Okay... maybe "chump" isn't the right word.
Emily: What is?
Matt: "Lucky."
Emily: Mmm... You're gettin' there.

Matt interacts with Emily.

Matt: What's so important in the bag, anyways?

Emily: Its just my undies. The lacy ones...!

(If the player chooses to Flirt: Who needs undies?)

Matt: Well hell, we don't need those!
Emily: You don't want me to model them for you?
Matt: I'm just gonna rip 'em off anyways...
Emily: Maybe I want to show them off. Puts me in a generous mood.
Matt: Let's go get 'em.

(If the player chooses to be Impatient: Why didn't you say so!)

Matt: Well why didn't you say we were scooping up such precious cargo? Andale, andale!
Emily: Woah, nellie, didn't realize it was so important to you-
Matt: Didn't reali- Uhhh Hellooo? Why do you think I'm even on this silly trip?
Emily: Ohhh-kay. Well, now I know the secret to getting you to do what I want, when I want. Duly noted.

Matt: Not a secret. True fact.

Matt and Emily can find a totem pole.

Emily: Look at the sexy kisser on this thing. Dare you to put your hand in it.
Matt: Hey I wouldn't-
Emily slides his hand into the totem pole's mouth.
Emily: Just slide it up in there-
Emily's arm is pulled in and she screams.
(If the player chooses to Rescue Emily)
Matt pulls Emily out of the totem pole as Emily laughs.
Emily: Haha! Gotcha big dip.
Matt: Jesus. You're ridiculous.
Emily: Oh come on...
(If the player chooses to Investigate Threat)
Matt frantically runs behind the pole.
Emily: Haha!
Matt: Crap, Em!!
Emily pulls her middle finger up at Matt while her arm is still in the pole.
Matt: Oh- Right. Nice one.
Emily takes her arm out of the totem pole.
Emily: Too easy!
Matt: That's me, Mr. Easy.
Emily: Oh come on...
(If the player chooses to Do Nothing)
Matt: I suppose I should yank you out of there before your hand's ripped off, right?
Emily: Yes, Matt! Help me!!
Matt: Boy I'd be a terrible boyfriend if I let a scary old totem pole bite your hand off, wouldn't I?
Emily: Matt! Come on!!!
Matt: I guess I'm just the worst, then.
Emily: Ugh. Yes. You are the worst.
Emily takes her arm out of the pole.
Matt: Boom! Gotcha!!
Emily: What?
Matt: Tables have turned.
Emily: Yeah yeah, gold star. Whatever.

A scream is heard from a distance.

Emily: What was that?

Matt: Uh, not sure... Probably just an animal, or...

Emily: Do not like!

Matt drops down and helps Emily down.

A scream is heard from a distance if Matt and Emily did not find the totem, and the same dialogue will be repeated.

Matt: Here you are, madam.

Emily: Thank you. Oh my. Very impressive.

Matt can try to open the gate from the other side, which remains locked.

Matt: Hmm... alright.

Matt and Emily encounter a Pig's Head with a note underneath.

Emily: Hey... what the hell?

Matt: Somebody made a snowman?

Emily: Uh... that was not there before. Is that a note?

Matt rips off the note and examines it.

Matt: Whoa.

Emily: Uhhhh...

Matt: It's gotta be Chris. Or Josh. They're just trying to mess with us.

Emily: Kind of uncool, guys. I don't like this.

Matt: Me neither.

The lights suddenly turn off.

Matt: Hohhh!!!

Emily: MATT!!

Matt: The hell is going on? What the hell did this?

Emily: You know, I'm kinda not giving a shit about my panties anymore. Kinda just wanna split.

Matt: Agreed.


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