There will be a cutscene where Sam, potentially along with AshleyEmily and/or Chris, walk up to the dead end. Sam will tell Ashley if she is alive, or Emily if Ashley had died, or Chris if Emily and Ashley had both died, or nobody if she is alone, to return to the lodge.

After disbanding from the others, Sam will start to climb up the rock wall in front of her. Complete the set of QTEs to reach the top, where Sam can either drop down at the left, or head up a set of stairs on the right.

  • If you choose to go up the stairs, a rock will fall and break the stairs behind you, rendering it impossible to turn back.
  • If Sam walks straight and up more stairs, she can find a Death totem and the same kind of shrine to ward of spirits that Mike found early on.

Sam will have to turn left, where another collapse is about to occur. Complete the QTE so that Sam can have a tight grip on the railing.

  • If you went up the right path, Sam will pick up a steel pipe.
  • If you ignored the right path and chose to drop down, Sam will pick up a shovel and end up at a chain link door which she has to pry open with her newly-acquired shovel.
  • If Mike blew up the Sanatorium, he will burst in through the heavy metal door while being attacked by a Wendigo. Sam will hit it off of him with whatever weapon she has, saving him. They will express concern for one another's safety, then head off to find Josh.
  • If he didn't blow up the Sanatorium, Sam will open the metal door herself and end up outside. There will be two forks in the road. Head down the right one as it will take you over a bridge and to the gate. Here, Sam will run in to rescue Mike, and at this point, he will blow it up. They will run back to the metal door leading to the mines and start to look for Josh.



  • Death Totem #6 - If Sam goes up the stairs on the right (after climbing the wall), and continues to head straight, she can find Death Totem #6 of her being impaled, by a Wendigo (Hannah) in the lodge.

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