*Please note that the following segment will only occur for those who had Chris survive up until this point and chose to leave him behind.

If the group allowed him to stay behind, Chris later finds the energy to keep walking. He makes his way down into the sewer pipe, where Ashley had left an arrow pointing to the pipe for him.

He slumps, and continues to walk until he overhears who is assumed to be Jessica, calling out for some help. He can either investigate the voice, or continue to walk the same direction in order to rejoin the group.


Chris will follow a path, following Jessica's voice. If Ashley had opened the trapdoor he will find her beanie on the floor, along with a pool of blood and pick it up, mourning her death. As he continue on either way (opening the trap door or ignore it), the Wendigo will spring at him, and shove its finger's through his neck, decapitating him. If Ashley did not open the trapdoor, he will notice something banging on it, and if he decides to open, will be decapitated by the Wendigo. Leaving it and walking ahead will lead him to the others, unharmed.

If Ashley opened the trapdoor previously, the Wendigo will pick him up from the ceiling and decapitate him. If not, Chris will keep walking and safely rejoin the group (with Ashley and possibly Emily only), where he will claim he heard Jessica's voice.



  • Loss Totem #5 - If Chris investigates the noise, he can find Loss Totem #5 depicting Josh having his head crushed by someone.

Character Deaths



Chris' decapitated head

  • If Chris was left behind, and Ashley dies by opening the latch, he will be decapitated regardless of any choice, whether if it's investigating the voice, opening the latch or walking past it, or simply ignoring the voice.
  • If Chris was left behind, and investigates the trapdoor, while Ashley had rejoined the group, a Wendigo will pop out from the trapdoor and decapitate him.

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