Sam and Ashley (and possibly Emily and/or Chris), walk through the tunnels to the Sanatorium in efforts to get to Mike in time. If Chris is alive, he'll stop to take a breather, but will continue on with the group if Ashley refuses to leave him behind.

Sam tries to push open the door, and believes Mike locked it behind him. Ashley will point out a manhole that will lead to the Sanatorium. Ashley will be the last one down, closing the cap or making an arrow if Chris was left behind. When Ashley walks through the sewers, she will hear Jessica calling out for help.

She can choose to either investigate the voice or rejoin the others.

If Ashley chooses to investigate the voice, she will drop down to a small cave where she can find a totem.

The voice of Jessica can still be heard as someone, or something is slamming violently against a door. If Ashley chooses to follow the voice and open the latch, it will lead to her demise, but she can walk past it and end up rejoining the group.


Ashley rejoins the other members, and the group will continue until they are stopped at a dead end - a rock wall for Sam to climb - and Sam tells Ashley (along with anyone left alive) to return to the lodge as she goes to find Mike herself.



  • Danger Totem #5 - Down the hallway to the manhole, going left will lead into a small alcove, where Ashley can pick up Danger Totem #5 of Josh, turning into a partially transformed Wendigo.
  • Loss Totem #5 - If Ashley investigates the noise, she can pick up Loss Totem #5 of Josh about to get his head crushed.

Character Deaths


  • If Ashley goes to investigate the voice she assumes is Jessica's, and opens the latch, a Wendigo will pop out and decapitate her.

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