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Chapter 9, ''Despair'' / ''Karma'' takes place roughly two hours until dawn. The player takes control of Ashley as she, Sam, and whoever is alive between Chris and Emily, make their way to the Sanatorium; Chris, if he was left behind, Mike as he walks through the Sanatorium, and Sam searching for Mike. Jess also makes her first physical appearance since Chapter 4; if she is still alive at this point, waking up from her unconscious state.


  • The chapter's title depends on the first choice in the Eighth Therapy Session.
    • If you choose "They hurt me", you'll get Karma.
    • If you choose "I didn't hurt anyone", you'll get Despair.
  • This marks Jessica's first appearance since Chapter 4.
  • Not being quick enough in decisions will cause Mike to be attacked, and the screen to go black, but he cannot actually die in this part.
    • The reason is that he is essential to the game like Sam and Josh, and can only die in the last chapter.
  • This chapter has a total of 11 collectibles able to be found.
    • Two of them can be found in Chapter 5.
    • With the repeated clues, this chapter has the fourth most number of collectibles able to be found.
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Chapter 6: Psychosis/Vengeance Chapter 7: Loss/Violence Chapter 8: Animus/Revelation Chapter 9: Despair/Karma Chapter 10: Repentance/Resolution

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