After Mike leaves to find Josh, Ashley reads the Stranger's Journal and discovers new information about the Wendigos and their history. These discoveries include the realization that a Wendigo's bite is in fact not infectious.

Upon these discoveries, Ashley will be shocked and Sam will ask her what she finds. Depending on whether or not Emily was bitten, Ashley can tell Sam about the bite or conceal the information.

If Ashley chooses to reveal the truth and Emily is alive, Sam will grab the book and joyfully inform Emily she will be alright. Emily, outraged, will tell her that it isn’t fine as Mike almost shot her and Ashley encouraged him. Ashley attempts to apologize but instead gets slapped by Emily in return.

If Ashley chooses to reveal the truth and Emily is dead, Sam will grab the book and grieve over Emily's death. If Chris is alive, he will comfort Ashley and say that there was no way she could've known.

If Ashley decides to not reveal the truth, she will say that it's "a lot of crazy stuff" and "hard to believe." Sam will pick up the journal, but Ashley will be the only one with the knowledge of the bite.

Regardless of Ashley's decision, Sam will say that they need to go find Mike and the group will leave the basement.



  • The Stranger's Journal - Consists of Journal: Introduction, Journal: Bite, Journal: History, Journal: Combat and Journal: Bite.

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