Mike, Ashley, and Chris (if he survived), enter the basement, as Sam asks where the Stranger (and Chris if he died) are. Chris tells her about the Stranger's death, while if Chris died, Mike will tell Sam about Chris’ death instead, leaving her to assume the Stranger died as well.

  • If Chris died, and he had previously decided to shoot Ashley, she coldly ignores his death when Sam asks if she is alright.
  • If Chris did not try to shoot Ashley, she appears to be very devastated by his death earlier.

In the basement, Mike decides to try to look for another exit in case a Wendigo breaks in, and Sam tries to convince him that they should all stay in the basement until dawn. Soon, Mike deduces that Josh has the key to the cable car. If Emily is alive, she’ll mention that the Wendigo probably took him down to the mines.

Emily finds the map in the Stranger's belongings, and Mike starts to share information about what he had learned in the Sanatorium.

While Emily is looking through the map, Ashley will then discover her bite if she had been bitten earlier on, to which Emily will try to reassure everyone that she is fine.

Everyone, except for Sam, will soon interrogate her and try to force her to leave, which Emily refuses to do. After Emily refuses to leave, Mike grabs his gun and backs Emily up against a wall. He will be given the option to shoot her or keep her alive, and let her stay. Regardless, Mike will leave to search for Josh outside.

Character Deaths


  • Emily will be killed if Mike chooses to shoot her in the eye.

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