Chapter 8, ''Animus'' / ''Revelation'' begins roughly around three hours until dawn. The player takes control of Emily, Chris, Mike, and Ashley, as the mysteries surrounding Blackwood Pines start to become more clear.


  • The titles of this chapter depend on whether Chris knocked Josh unconscious in the shed or not in Chapter 7.
    • You get Animus if Chris hit Josh.
    • You get Revelation if Chris did not harm Josh.
    • The event that triggers the title is not to be confused with when Chris hit Josh for hitting Ashley or not.
  • This chapter has a total of 8 collectibles.
    • This chapter has the fourth least, or seventh most number of collectibles.
Chapter 1: Friendship/Memento Mori Chapter 2: Darkness/Jealousy Chapter 3: Haunted/Isolation Chapter 4: Loyalty/Malevolence Chapter 5:
Chapter 6: Psychosis/Vengeance Chapter 7: Loss/Violence Chapter 8: Animus/Revelation Chapter 9: Despair/Karma Chapter 10: Repentance/Resolution

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