After revealing himself as The Psycho, Josh will laugh as the other survivors watch in dismay. Josh will reveal his motives originate from what the group did to his sisters a year ago.

Josh had faked his death and controlled the “supernatural” events that had happened. After Josh tells the group they’ll all be internet sensations, Mike gets angered and will mention Jessica's death, thinking Josh killed her. He then punches him, thus making him unconscious.

Later, Mike and Chris are dragging a tied up Josh to the shed.

  • If Josh punched Ashley, because she had stabbed him with the scissors, Chris will punch him in return.

When arriving at the shed, Mike will then tie Josh up in a chair. If Chris chose to save Ashley in the saw trap, Josh will tease Chris about her and antagonize him. If not, he will only be bitter towards Mike.

Josh will also question what happened to Jessica, and will tease Mike about her which leads Mike to pointing a gun at Josh. Chris can either disarm Mike or hit Josh.

  • If Chris hits Josh, he’ll be knocked unconscious again. Mike will be upset, stating he was just trying to scare him. This results in Chris later explaining he hit Josh in the head in the lodge and during the credits, and will make Mike refuse to give Chris the gun during The Stranger's arrival.
  • If Chris disarms Mike, Mike will be seemingly annoyed at the thought of Chris thinking he would actually shoot Josh.
  • If the player does nothing, Josh will make fun of Mike and ask him if he really had expected him to believe that he would shoot him.

Regardless, Chris will turn back to the lodge and leave Mike to guard Josh in the shed.


  • Even though the segment technically starts a few minutes after 03:11, the player starts controlling Chris at 03:41.

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