Please note that the following segment only occurs for those who had Matt survive up to this point.

Emily falls off the tower, only to hold onto a ledge for survival. Matt will hear her screams, and will attempt to reach for Emily and secure her to safety.

While doing this, Matt can either reassure her she will be fine, or confront her about her relationship with Mike (only if Ashley let Matt look through the telescope early on).

He can also scold her for being too bossy (if Ashley did not let Matt look through the telescope). Matt then has the option to try to save Emily or jump to safety. Emily slips regardless of Matt's first choice. He is then presented with the same set of choices.


If he tries again, the tower fully collapses, sending Emily presumably to her death, and Matt lands unconscious in the mines. He attempts to escape while walking with a limp, but someone hooks him and drags him through the mine. If he has the flare gun given to him by Emily, he can shoot at the person, who flees upon seeing the light from the flare gun. If he fails to, or does not have the gun, Matt finds himself impaled through the jaw by the hook, and dies.

Matt jumps to safety, and the tower comes crashing down to its feet as he lifts off, seemingly killing Emily in the process.

Character Deaths


  • If the player fails to shoot the flare gun in time or accurately after trying to save Emily the second time, or simply doesn't have it, Matt will be impaled through the jaw by a hook.

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