Mike grabs the rifle off of the wall in the guest cabin and begins to chase after Jessica.

Mike jumps on pieces of tubing through QTE prompts to get through part of a river. Missing one will result in Mike stumbling off one of the tubes.

Mike runs down a lengthy path to the right of the stream.

He will reach a cliff and use the scope on the rifle he picks up to see Jessica being dragged away by a creature. Mike can choose to go around the cliff or jump down from it.

Mike slides down the cliff and must grab onto a branch to slow his fall with a QTE.

Mike runs to a nearby ledge and slowly climbs down it.

He begins to run in the direction Jessica was dragged and must hit several QTEs to avoid stumbling in the process. Soon he comes across a ledge and must choose between shimmying across to the other side or jumping across.

Mike jumps across the ledge by hitting two QTEs.

Mike shimmies across the ledge to the other side.

He comes across an overpass overlooking the mines and can choose whether or not to follow the path again or risk the slide down.

Mike slides down to the mines and must hit several QTEs on the way down.

Mike finds and uses a staircase leading down to the mines.

Mike will make his way into the mines. If he chose all of the quick options and did not miss more than four QTEs, he will find Jessica barely alive on the elevator shaft. Otherwise, he will find Jessica with her jaw ripped off, dead. Either way, the elevator shaft will drop, taking Jessica with it.


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Character Deaths


  • If Mike chooses to follow the safe path or isn't quick enough (not hitting the QTEs) in finding Jessica, she will have her jaw ripped off by the Wendigo. To Save Jessica Follow The Quick Path.



  • Guidance Totem #4 - After going down the stairs in the mines, Mike can find Guidance Totem #4, showing him petting a wolf.