Chris will walk in to the hidden room and can find a picture of Beth and Hannah with a threatening letter on the back. Ashley will ask Chris what he had found, and he shows Ashley the letter or he lies in order to protect her. Ashley takes a look at it if he lets her see and she tells him that they need to find Josh. They head towards the hall and stop to talk: 

Suddenly, the door rumbles and Josh starts yelling. Ashley rushes towards the door before being pulled in, the door slammed shut behind her. Chris tries to get in, only to find out the door is locked.

After Ashley's screaming stops, Chris manages to bust the door open and finds an unconscious Ashley laying on the ground. A masked assailant will punch Chris in the face, knocking him out, and afterwards will drag Ashley away.



  • Light from Below - If Ashley did not already find this, Chris can see an electric light shining below the library.
  • Portrait Photo - Chris can find a picture of Beth and Hannah in a secret room.
  • Threatening Letter - Chris can find a threatening letter at the back of the portrait photo.
  • Native American Letter - After the first door is creaked open, turn left at the end of the hall, and Chris can find a letter written by Josh's mother.

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