Chapter 3, ''Haunted'' / ''Isolation'' starts roughly eight hours until dawn. The player controls Ashley as she conducts the seance, Mike, as he and Jessica make their way to the guest cabin, Ashley yet again after the seance, and finally Chris as he explores the secret room behind the bookshelf. 


  • Tied with Chapter 6, this chapter has 10 collectibles able to be found.
    • Along with Chapter 6, this chapter has the 5th most collectibles able to be found.
Chapter 1: Friendship/Memento Mori Chapter 2: Darkness/Jealousy Chapter 3: Haunted/Isolation Chapter 4: Loyalty/Malevolence Chapter 5:
Chapter 6: Psychosis/Vengeance Chapter 7: Loss/Violence Chapter 8: Animus/Revelation Chapter 9: Despair/Karma Chapter 10: Repentance/Resolution

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