After Sam splits off from the group, the player regains control of Josh as he follows Mike back through the way they came. Josh will come across the bodies for the first time, horrified.

  • If more characters than just The Stranger died, Josh will remorsefully comment on how he didn't want them to die.

Josh will follow Mike down into the water, and after wading about halfway through, Mike will be pulled under. Josh will then be confronted by a Wendigo - who is confirmed to be Hannah - and Josh's fate will be determined on whether or not Sam found the journal earlier.

Mike will be revealed to be okay, as he is hiding a few feet away from Hannah dragging Josh away.



  • Immediately after taking control of Josh, before heading out into the room with the bodies, turn left and walk all the way down to pick up a Fortune Totem #6.

Character Deaths


  • If Sam didn't pick up the Scrawled Journal, and Josh didn't hear the truth, he will not recognize Hannah in time. She will crush his head immediately, resulting in his death.

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