After opening with Josh's scene, the scene switches to ten minutes before with Sam and Mike as they explore the mines.

In order to get to where they need to go, they must drop into ice cold water and wade through to the other side.

  • If Sam wades to the direction of the water wheel on the left and picks up Hannah's journal, she will learn the truth about what happened to the twins.

Once making it to the other side, Sam will open the door where the head of The Stranger and anyone else that had died early on (Matt, Jess, and Chris) will roll over the ground. Mike will be shocked upon recognizing Jess's head. While walking through the room, Sam and Mike will discover the Stranger's hanging body, and the bodies of the deceased protagonists (Matt, Emily, Jess, Chris).

  • If Ashley had died by opening the trapdoor, only her head is seen in a cage.
  • If you shot Emily her body won't appear even though she's deceased.

Afterwards, Mike and Sam will find an unsettled Josh having a mental breakdown. Mike will snap Josh back into reality, and if Sam found Hannah's journal, she will tell Josh the truth about what she discovered. After obtaining the cable car key, Sam splits from Mike and Josh to climb out of the mines and tell the others that they're okay.



  • Beth's Watch - Before dropping into the water, if you head up the path to the left, you can find a grave site with Beth's Watch.
  • Scrawled Journal - While in the water, hop up on to the ledge to the left of the water wheel. Here, you can find Hannah's Scrawled Journal.
    • Finding this journal is required for Josh's survival.


  • Fortune Totem #5 - Right before dropping into the water, on the right of the entrance, Sam can find Fortune Totem #5 showing her and her friends surviving after the lodge fire.

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