Chapter 10, "Repentance" / "Resolution" takes place roughly one hour until dawn, and is the final chapter of the whole game. The player controls Josh, Matt or Jessica, and Sam as they all try to escape Blackwood Pines.


  • The chapter's title depends on the second choice in the Eighth Therapy Session:
    • If you choose "I'm so sorry", you'll get Repentance.
    • If you choose "It was just a game", you'll get Resolution.
  • This marks the first appearance for Matt since Chapter 6.
    • This is also the first time Matt is playable since Chapter 6.
    • If alone, this is the first time Jessica is playable since Chapter 1.
  • If Chris has survived up to this point, he cannot die no matter what decision the player makes. He is the only character to be confirmed alive if he survives up to this point.
    • This is the Chapter in which all of the protagonists can die, excluding Chris.
  • This chapter has a total of 6 collectibles able to be found.
    • This chapter has the 3rd least, or 8th most, number of collectibles able to be found.
  • This chapter, along with Chapter 2, are the only chapters in which all protagonists appear if they had made it through the night.
  • This is the only Chapter in which every segment starts in the same location (in this case the mines).
Chapter 1: Friendship/Memento Mori Chapter 2: Darkness/Jealousy Chapter 3: Haunted/Isolation Chapter 4: Loyalty/Malevolence Chapter 5:
Chapter 6: Psychosis/Vengeance Chapter 7: Loss/Violence Chapter 8: Animus/Revelation Chapter 9: Despair/Karma Chapter 10: Repentance/Resolution

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