The chapter starts off with Sam getting off the bus, arriving at Blackwood Pines. After making her way to the entrance, an unknown man tightly holding a machete is shown watching her as she enters.

On her way to the cable car station, she reaches a closed gate. She notices and reads a note put on the gate by Chris telling her that the gate is busted. Sam then proceeds to climb up the stone wall beside it.

As she progresses through the woods, she notices a squirrel scurrying past her. She calls out to it and if she holds still long enough, the squirrel walks toward her and she feeds it. Otherwise, the squirrel will run away warily at the sight of her sudden movement. Sam continues walking then soon afterwards, Sam will notice a sign describing Native American Totems. She notices a totem on the ground and then picks it up, which in turn reveals a vision of a bird landing and flying away from a table.

Finally, Sam reaches the cable car station but sees no sign of Chris. While she is searching for him, she hears his phone vibrating from his backpack. She can either grab his phone and snoop or zip up his bag.

Close Bag

Sam remarks that she should not poke around in Chris' stuff as she closes his bag. Chris then greets her and takes his bag.


Sam picks up the phone and finds out that Ashley has just sent him a message. Chris suddenly appears behind her, startling her. He then sarcastically asks her if she's his secretary before taking his phone back. Offended by Sam's indiscretion, he will later criticize her for being nosy when grabbing the letter from Jess.

Chris then tells Sam that he found something amazing and asks her to follow him.

While Sam is following Chris, she can find a wanted poster of Victor Milgram on the side of the station. Chris jokingly asks if she thinks they're going to get a visit from him before reassuring her that the lodge has been abandoned since their last visit. They move on and Sam finds that Chris has been leading her to a shooting range he found behind the station. She tells him to go ahead and try to shoot.


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  • Sam finds Guidance Totem #1 as she is walking to the cable car station. It is located next to the sign describing the Native American Totems.
    • As this chapter consists of the least number of totems with 1 - along with the Prologue and Chapter 6 - this is the only totem in the chapter.