Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake, this is fucking unbelievable.
— Mike

The Case Study Dossier is the twenty-seventh and final clue in the 1952 Clueline. It can be found by Mike in the Sanatorium, in Chapter 9 of Until Dawn.


The dossier displays multiple photos, showing some form of Before/After transformation of a miner patient in the Sanatorium.


Blackwood Pines

Blackwood Sanatorium                                                                                                                              

Medical Examination

Patient No. 9

Progression of Skeletal Hyperostosis


Jan. 9th, 1952

Day 4

  • Epidermal dyspigmentation; expected after time underground
  • Severe curvature of thoracic region; post traumatic kyphosis?
  • Corneal dystrophy and clouding.

Acuity 20/160

Jan. 14th, 1952

Day 9

  • Chronic kyphosisScarring alopecia
  • Extreme nasal septum perforation
  • Ectodermal dysplasia? (pointing of teeth)

Jan. 17th, 1952

Day 12

  • Telogen effluvium, not alopecia?
  • Maxillary canine length 1"
  • Consistent w/ corneal oedema but acuity now 20/22
  • Epidermal toughening; stratum corneum


Entering the hallway with the B-Wing sign over the arch, turn and walk into the foreground. Turn a corner and reach an open door on your left. Check the desk with the lamp inside.


  • This was one of the Wendigos caged up in the Sanatorium.
  • It is with this clue that Mike recognizes one of the Wendigos in the Sanatorium as Billy Bates.

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