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Not a lot of TLC for this place anymore. Kind of a bummer.

Blackwood Pines is a collective name for the whole, possibly unincorporated, community in Blackwood County, Alberta, Canada.


It is the location of the Washington Estate, the Blackwood Sanatorium and the old North West Mines, and is where the action of Until Dawn takes place. It also includes a partially demolished resort hotel. The community is situated in the forested area around Blackwood Mountain. The community also hosts a radio station, Radio from the Pines.


The known history of Mount Madahee stretches back to the 1300s when initial European exploration revealed it to be territory of a number of tribes in the Indian Nation. After hundreds of years of relative peace, the mining boom of the 1850's brought in mining hordes with ambition in their eyes and a dream to strike it lucky.

First Nation tribes (also known as Native Americans) were present on Mount Madahee from the 1400s until the 1850s, when European explorers and mining concerns arrived in the area, eafer to make their fortune.

The mineral rich mountain's potential was finally realised in 1907 when Jefferson Bragg discovered an abundance of iron and radium beneath the surface of the mountain. After setting up more formalised operations, which then turned into a filly fledged mining company, it wasn't long before the money began to flow.

The success of Bragg's mining operation was soon followed by the discovery of hot springs in the mountain, which led him to establish the luxurious Blackwood Pines Hotel and Sanatorium resort in 1922.


  • Blackwood Mountain and Blackwood Pines are named after the writer and broadcaster Algernon Blackwood, who wrote the short story "The Wendigo" in 1910.

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Cable Car Station · Washington Cabin · Clifftop · Fire Tower · Park Ranger Service · Radio from the Pines · Shed

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