Whoa, this is Beth's phone. (...) Well, it looks like they missed this!
— Emily

Beth's Phone is the tenth clue in the Twins Clueline. It can be found by Matt on the mountain, in Chapter 5 of Until Dawn.


Beth's cellphone. The phone looks old, rusty, and damaged due to the chase and time frozen under the plank.

After finding it, Matt and Emily will speculate about the police investigation on the mountain; clearly they didn't find everything.


During Chapter 5, Matt and Emily are on their way to the fire tower. Upon reaching the cliff, if Matt walks to the left instead of following Emily, he is able to find the clue.

Once Matt steps on a creaking wooden plank and lifts it up, he will find Beth's phone underneath.


  • Beth dropped her phone after Hannah tripped and she went to help her up, while they were being being chased, as seen in the Prologue.
  • Emily is able to inform the group about finding Beth's phone after her escape in Chapter 8 if she failed to find clues about the twins in the mines.[1]



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