The Baseball Bat is a weapon that appears in Until Dawn. It can be found by Sam in the basement of the lodge.


The wooden baseball bat was previously used for the Washington family vacations during the summer for baseball games, before the disappearance of Hannah and Beth.


Sam may find the baseball bat in Chapter 2 while she and Josh are turning on the boiler in the basement, and will question Josh on its use, either seriously or in a humorous way, slightly affecting their relationship status. Regardless, Josh will take it from her and store it against the wall.

If Sam had not found the baseball bat, Josh will take it and store it in the boiler cabinet after successfully turning on the boiler, making the bat unable to be used for the rest of the night.

Later in Chapter 5, if Sam had found it in Chapter 2, Sam can use the baseball bat to strike The Psycho with it if she hides near the boiler and is caught trying to stay still or escape, or if she hides and she sneaks up behind him. This is included in the Butterfly Effect Something For Later.

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